How to Be a Call Center Agent in the Philippines: Complete Guide

how to be a call center agent in the Philippines

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a college drop out, or a high school graduate, you can definitely apply and land a job in the Philippine call center industry. I’ve written a whole guide for you. Here’s how: In summary: To become a call center agent in the Philippines, you need to be able to speak … Read more

Best Laptops for Filipino Freelancers on a Budget

laptops for Filipino freelancers on a budget

So you wanna work online and you need a budget laptop that does the job but doesn’t hurt your pocket. Here are 18 best laptops for online Filipino freelancers on a budget, categorized according to your needs (editing graphics, MS Office, and general office tasks.)

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

call center interview questions and answers

You don’t have to fail your call center interview every single time. Whether you’re a first time call center applicant or a returning one who failed before, I especially wrote this post for you: call center interview questions and answers for first timers, with examples. Tell me something about yourself. Most applicants answer by giving out their … Read more

How to Quit Your Call Center Job and What to Do Next

Why you should quit your call center job ASAP

For two years now, I’ve been sharing call center job hunting tips to my readers. And while I’m happy that most of them landed their jobs, I also wish that someday, they would leave the industry for good. If you’re a call center agent, here’s how to quit your call center job ASAP. It was … Read more

You Can Sell Second-Hand Items in Shopee. Here’s How.

you can sell second hand items in shopee

Can you sell second-hand items in Shopee? Absolutely yes! Here’s a complete guide on how to sell your items in Shopee and make money from your old belongings and de-clutter your storage. Why Sell in Shopee? First of all, Shopee has no commission fee. Meaning, your sales are all yours. And if you have at … Read more

What Can You Contribute to This Company? Call Center Interview

what can you contribute to this company call center job interview

When your call center interviewer asks, “What can you contribute to this company?”, she’s not just asking about any positive traits and skills. She’s asking about the best skills and traits you can ever contribute to the company if you were to sign the job offer. How to answer: What can you contribute to this … Read more

Customer Service Questions for Call Center Applicants

customer service questions for call center applicants

Customer service job interview questions for call center applicants are designed to test out call their problem-solving and customer handling skills. The questions are related to customer service, asking about your previous work experiences and your opinion about a certain customer scenario. If you want to know the type questions that your interviewer might ask … Read more

Call Center Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

call center behavioral interview questions and answers

Call center behavioral interview questions are what interviewers ask to get a feel of their applicants’ working behavior. Usually, the questions are focused on the past, asking about applicants’ good and bad work experiences. But sometimes, the questions could be hypothetical. If you wanna know the best way to answer them, this post will do … Read more

7 Jobs You Can Get with a Call Center Experience

jobs you can get with a call center experience

So you’re sick and tired of your call center job and you want to quit and get a different job—anything that doesn’t involve talking to irate customers. You’re not alone. I’ve been a call center agent for four long years and while I certainly learned a lot and didn’t regret working in the industry, I … Read more

Best Call Center Tips for Applicants: A Complete Guide

best call center tips for applicants

So you wanna work in a call center. Or, to put it more accurately, you wanna receive a call center agent’s salary. This is the perfect post for you as I’ve created a compilation of the best call center tips for applicants starting from your job hunting up to your final interview. And if you … Read more

How to Pass Your Call Center Final Job Interview & Get Hired

how to pass call center final job interview

So you passed your initial interview. While it’s a good reason to reason to celebrate, it certainly isn’t a reason to congratulate you just yet. Your final interview is still looming ahead. And not without its traps and surprises. So if you want to sign that job offer, pay attention to the quality of your … Read more

How to Ship Shopee Orders: Everything a Seller Should Know

how to ship shopee orders

When I first opened my Shopee store last year, it took me a while to understand how the different Shopee shipping method works. So if you’re a beginner Shopee sellers who just opened your Shopee store and still confused on how to ship Shopee orders, this is for you. I’ll explain the two types of … Read more

How to Sell in Shopee: Everything You Need to Know

how to sell on shopee

In this post is a compilation of everything a beginner needs to know about how to sell in Shopee. Consider this post as your table of contents. Everything I write about Shopee will be linked from this page. So if you wanna check for updates from time to time, this is the page you should … Read more

How to Set Up Your Shopee Store: Full Tutorial with Videos

how to set up shopee store

So you want to sell on Shopee. And you need a complete guide. Look no further as I’ll walk you through on how to set up a Shopee store, how to add your shop’s photos, pick up address, add products, and how to enable free shipping and COD. No option could have been better than … Read more

How the Heck Does Shopee Earn from Sellers? Explained

how does Shopee earn from sellers

If Shopee charges zero commission fee to sellers and offers free shipping to buyers, how the heck does Shopee earn profits? It’s the question that’s been bugging sellers since Shopee started operation. So I decided to do some research (which involved calling Shopee twice and researching online) and here’s what I found. So how the … Read more

Are Shopee Products Authentic? How to Spot Fake Items

are shopee products authentic

So you’re thinking about buying from Shopee for the first time but aren’t sure if its products are authentic? Do NOT check out just yet. Consider yourself lucky for asking that question. So are Shopee products authentic? Not all of them. Some are original, some are counterfeit. This is because Shopee doesn’t hold inventories, so … Read more

How to Get a Credit Card – BDO Visa Classic

When it comes to maximum rewards and exclusive deals for cardholders, the BDO Visa Classic is the best credit card to have. It is a super-value card that makes spending a rewarding experience. From big purchases with EasyPay installment plan and worldwide acceptance, this card offers premium perks. Unlike other credit cards, the BDO Visa … Read more

How much capital you need to start selling on Shopee

capital you need to start selling on Shopee

So you’re curious about becoming a seller but you’re unsure about how much capital you need to start selling on Shopee. Perhaps you’re scared of overstocking on products that take could take forever to sell. Or you wanna avoid spending on things that you don’t really need during the early stage of the business. If … Read more