Best Resume Writing Tips For Beginners

Students fresh out of school usually have a hard time drafting their work resumes. Having only little to no work experience, they won’t be able to fill a page or two. But this should not dampen the morale of fresh graduates! Being out of college gives you many opportunities. Luckily, we have some tips for … Read more

Best Hygiene Practices For Job Interviews

Job interviews are naturally nerve-wracking. Job applicants are expected to be ready from head to toe. When being interviewed for a job, it’s also vital that an applicant presents himself/herself in the best light possible. Applicants can do this by having great hygiene. Appearing untidy, disorganized, unprofessional, and unprepared may hamper an applicant from getting … Read more

Cover Letter Tips To Give You A Leg Up

Cover letters are an excellent opportunity to cover credentials that we can not fully explain in our applications. They also give job applicants more of a personality so that potential employers can see them as real people. If you lazily throw a cover letter together, assuming no one will actually read it, you may miss … Read more

Make Money From Completing Captchas

Captchas or Completely Automated Public Turing Tests are for telling machines and humans apart. It is a distinguishing technique between humans and machines filling out a form. CAPTCHA is mainly used as a security check to ensure that only human users are completing certain online actions. Computers or bots usually can’t solve a captcha. It … Read more

Start A Job With The US Embassy In The Philippines

An embassy is a diplomatic mission in another country that offers a full variety of facilities, including consular services. A diplomatic mission is a group of individuals from one state or organization present in another country to officially represent the sending state/organization in the receiving state. These missions include the embassy, which is the principal … Read more

What Are Micro Jobs? Make Extra Income Through Small Talks

A micro job is a temporary job in all forms of employment, mostly booked over the phone. Duties may include online or in-person work, such as blog writing, virtual assistant, handyman, nanny, website design, dog boarding or errands and so on. Earnings vary depending on the job and the fee charged by the company or … Read more

4 Sensible Analyst Careers For Filipinos

Analysts must go and collect the data. The data they need may be scattered throughout the enterprise in a variety of systems, stored in a variety of formats, and be in a variety of summary or information levels. So they need to learn a variety of different sensible methods of access, from SQL to various … Read more

Exploring Full-Stack Developer Jobs For Filipinos

A full-stack developer is one of the technology domain’s most sought-after positions. The boom in this field has led to both web-based and in-class training centers being mushroomed. This helps individuals become full-stack developers. Some of these centers also sponsor trainees to finish the course. A full-stack developer is an individual who can handle all … Read more

Popular Philippines Careers That Need To Be Filled In 2020

The upsurge of the Philippines has occurred over the last two decades. It is now the go-to destination for outsourcing services in business production. Although our country still maintains at a 16-18% market share for global outsourcing services. Experts advise BPO firms to plan for the digital shift where computers and artificial intelligence can take … Read more

Apps That Will Change The Way You Work From Home

Doing your work from home seems like a dream. You have more freedom, but more than that, you can maximize your time.  You’re not bound by the nine to five life, depending on what kind of work you do. You can choose whenever you want to work. This way, you will get to spend more … Read more

How To Become An Application Development Analyst

An analyst and application designer designs software based on one end-user group’s specific needs. They decide what the desires of the target group are for a particular piece of software (such as mobile apps or computer games). Then, they build a software design development plan. Computer programming skills, experience in the industry, and a bachelor’s … Read more

Retirement Jobs And Why Are They Important

When retirement isn’t everything you hoped it would be, or your retirement income doesn’t cut it, consider going back to work. Today’s workforce is moving towards flexible work choices. Retirees who want to stay active and earn a paycheck have plenty of opportunities available. To get hired, you don’t need to commit to full-time employment. … Read more

Freelance Pricing And Rates: Tips For Valuing Your Services

Becoming a freelancer is a simple and inexpensive way to start earning an income from home. This is especially true if you freelance with a talent that you already have. This way, you could start offering your services today. A freelancer is someone who provides their services to various clients for a fee. They can … Read more

Top 5 Best-Selling Items You Sell On Shopify In 2020

Shopify Inc. is a global, e-commerce company based in Ottawa, Canada. It is also the name of their patented e-commerce site for online shops and retail point-of-sale systems. Shopify offers online retailers a suite of services. Shopify’s services include “payments, promotions, delivery, and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running a small merchant … Read more

Freelancing And Your Mental Health: 5 Tips

Mental health is essential to a happy, healthy life. According to the National Mental Illness Alliance (NAMI), one in five Americans experience mental health problems; a statistic converts into more than 40 million adults a year. The benefits of being able to work from anywhere have helped people to find a work and life balance … Read more

VISA 101: How To Obtain A Special Non-Immigrant Visa In The Philippines

The country of the Philippines is the second-largest archipelago in the entire. Further, it has varied natural attractions, a youthful and productive workforce, and a bilingual community. Overall, the Philippines is a place that many people want to visit. Depending on your country of origin, a visa for the Philippines may or may not be … Read more