How to Increase Shopee Sales for Free: 11 Effective Tricks

how to increase Shopee sales

It’s supposed to be simple. You sell items, customers buy them, you earn, rinse and repeat. Or so you wish. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case, especially for sellers with crowded niche. If you’re wondering why you aren’t seem to be getting that much sales, and you’d like to discover some tricks and tweaks on … Read more

Working in a Call Center Pros and Cons: What You Have to Know

working in a call center pros and cons

If you ask a random person about what he/ she thinks are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a call center, the answer is likely going to be in the extreme negative. But as an outsider, have you ever wondered about the benefits other than its high salary? If you’re thinking about working in … Read more

“I am Bored of My Call Center Job, What Should I Do?”

i am bored of my call center job

Dear PisoPinoy, I am bored of my call center job. I know I should be thankful. As my friends would point out to me everyday, I’m lucky to even have a job— one that pays above minimum. But no matter how hard I hammer the point to my head and force myself to feel grateful, … Read more

How to Deescalate a Supervisor Call: The Best Technique Ever

how to deescalate a supervisor call

“All supervisors are engaged in a call/ in a meeting.” This is every call center agent’s go-to excuse when deescalating a supervisor call. But if you’ve worked in the call center long enough, you know this script doesn’t work anymore.

Is Working in a Call Center a No Brainer Job?

working in a call center a no brainer job

To land a call center job, there’s no college degree to finish, no bar exam to take, and no license to show off. It doesn’t even matter if you dropped out from college or if you only got a high school diploma to show for it. But if you must know whether it’s a no-brainer … Read more

11 Extra Income Ideas for Call Center Agents

extra income ideas for call center agents

If you’re a call center agent, chances are, people around you think that you have no money issues. You receive way more than the minimum Philippine wage and all you have to do is wear a headset, listen to customers and talk. Or so they thought. Little did they know that this job is, by no … Read more

5 Money Lessons Every Call Center Agent Should Know

money lessons every call center agent should know

Back in my elementary days, the teachers used to decorate the classroom walls with handwritten quotes on cardboard saying, Honesty is the best policy.  And wherever this infamous honesty quote popped up, so shall the other: Money is the root of all evil. I didn’t know why, but somehow, it was implied that honesty and money … Read more

How to Earn Extra Money in the Philippines Online: 20 Side Hustles

how to earn extra money in the philippines

Let’s face it. Earning money nowadays can become quite difficult and it may seem like no matter how much we work, the income we receive on a monthly basis isn’t enough, especially for those who have a family to support and those who are struggling to support their day-to-day living expenses. The good news? Today’s … Read more

How to Make Money by Leasing Coconut Farms

how to make money by leasing coconut farms

Six years ago, when I was 18 and just started working in the city for the first time, my mom gave me a piece of advice that would later prove useful, “Soon, you’ll get tired of working for an office job. If you don’t want to work forever, you’ll need all coconuts that you can … Read more

How to Build a Boarding House Business in the Philippines


With an estimated total population of 100,981,000 and an area of 136,606 square miles, one can easily say that our country is overpopulated. This might be a huge problem, but not for someone who is thinking of putting up a boarding house business. With most of its cities crowded with people either working or going to … Read more

How to Build a Pisonet Business in the Philippines

how to build a pisonet business

If you’re thinking of building a business but you’re intimidated of the business preparations you need to familiarize of, Pisonet is perfect for you. Not only it has a huge demand among Filipinos, the business plan is simpler and less complicated than other business if you get one thing right- location. For the sake of … Read more

HSBC Red Mastercard – How to Apply for a Credit Card

Looking for a credit card with a host of exclusive privileges for maximum value? The HSBC Red Mastercard combines affordability and generous rewards into one compact card. It is best suited for individuals who wish to collect points to convert into miles, gift certificates, and other discounts. If you need to make big purchases with … Read more

Citi Rewards Credit Card – Find Out How to Order

Are you looking to save money with rewards from credit cards? If you are after a generous sign-up bonus and specific merchant discounts, the Citi Rewards Credit Card is the best choice. It is a valuable addition to anyone’s wallet because of the zero-interest installment plan and plenty of other features. This card offers big … Read more

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card – How to Request Yours

Looking for a reliable credit card that will grant you rewards miles for your future travels? Surely, earning respectable rewards from daily purchases is the ultimate goal for frequent flyers. Imagine being able to travel the world using only credit card points! Fortunately, with the Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, cardholders can now earn unlimited rewards … Read more