Side Gig Ideas For Fresh College Graduates

If, after graduating, you are still confused about where to get as a job, you can do side gigs. These opportunities, especially on the part of new graduates, come in the form of freelancing. For fresh graduates, relying solely on their parents for every cent they want to spend is no longer an option. Instead, finding a side gig to fund your life is the best move.


After graduation, the workload can be light and easy to handle when you take on temporary jobs. However, you will still have to be more organized, more motivated, more dedicated, and more independent. You will be prepared to accomplish and earn more by strengthening your mind and motivation to hustle as your career progresses.

One of the main advantages of working with an online side gig is the freedom of choice and the ability to move forward without restrictions. For instance, if you are a freelancer creating a company's online content, you have the freedom to select your type of work. You can always choose your projects based on what interests and benefits you. You can also manage the workload. Here are some side gig ideas you can explore if you are a new college graduate. 

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Here are some side gig ideas you can explore after graduation. Photo

Freelance Content Writer

You may be looking for freelance jobs as a content writer or blog writer if you're a journalism student or enjoy writing and blogging. Freelance content writing is a very flexible job. This can be one of the best options for a side gig. Although you will need to gain useful experience, you should also not expect to receive credit for all of the content you write.

But, on a positive note, freelance writing gives you plenty of flexibility in scheduling. Plus, there are significant opportunities in this area. For small businesses or individuals paying for their websites, you could also write blog posts.


In fact, blogging can also be a good side gig for new college graduates as well! Further, you may not have to set up your own blog as many magazines, websites, and blogs pay for writers to provide content. All you need is to come up with suitable content that is exceptionally well-researched and factual. You will be paid for it when the content goes online. Some blogs will pay you for each page, while others may choose to pay for each word.

Freelance Web Developer

Another side gig you can perform is freelance web developing. Even if you're not that professional as a web developer, several comprehensive tools will get you started at no cost to you as a web developer. You can easily earn $100 to $200 or more per day as a freelance web developer. More importantly, most web development work is extensive in scope, ensuring that only a few clients have a consistent workflow and a lot of income.

Graphic Designer

If you're very good at designing, you should consider using your talents to earn some money in your free time. Design students can use this as an opportunity to gain some valuable experience that could be part of their curriculum.

The freelance design competition is extreme, as there are many freelance designers on the market. Try to get some small projects going, such as low-cost marketing materials and posters. Once you get these under your belt and establish a reputation, you will be able to move on to larger projects.

Fill Out Online Surveys

Another angle you might want to explore as a new graduate is filling out online surveys. You can get your pay per survey. This is going to be right up your alley as a new graduate with a brain filled with fresh ideas and inventions. In other cases, you may need to set up a free email account separate from your personal email to avoid getting clogged up with junk email. You can make even more money by signing up at more than one site.

Virtual Party Or Event Planner

A virtual event planner is a person who manages and creates detailed budgets for events, registrations, and inquiries for events. They also supervise registration on-site. An event planner ensures that meetings, seminars, exhibits, and technical workshops are organized and run smoothly. There is no need for a virtual event planner to be present at the event; they can be anywhere at any time, as long as they can produce results.

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Social Media Manager

A social media manager is an individual within a company who supervises and monitors all social media accounts. He or she also executes, processes, and measures a product, brand, corporation, or even a social media entity's involvement.

Social media managers utilize multiple social media networks. This is to create and maintain brand advertisements, business information, and marketing campaigns for their clients. They also use free or paid software to track data from social media. Moreover, they answer questions and suggestions based on the tone and guidelines of the organization.


One of the best jobs on the market is to become a transcriber. You can schedule your working hours, and you can work as much and as little as you want. Transcription also includes categories consisting of legal, medical, and general transcriptions.

If you're a novice, before you specialize, it's better to focus on general transcription. However, once you develop your skills as a transcriber, you can easily choose to specialize whenever you want.


Many corporations want to showcase their products with the help of models. These companies need young men and women to model items for them. These companies will generally offer good pay. As a new graduate, while waiting for something more worthwhile to engage in, you can try your luck at modeling for some extra money.


As a fresh graduate, there is no harm in experimenting and exposing yourself to many industries. In fact, this could give you most robust experience for your future career! For more extra income tips, click here.

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