You Can Sell Second-Hand Items in Shopee. Here's How.

Can you sell second-hand items in Shopee? Absolutely yes! Here's a complete guide on how to sell your items in Shopee and make money from your old belongings and de-clutter your storage.


Why Sell in Shopee?

First of all, Shopee has no commission fee. Meaning, your sales are all yours. And if you have at least 10 items to sell and your address is serviceable, you're eligible to activate the cash on delivery option and free shipping in your shop.

This means more chances of getting customers' attention. Customers are more likely to buy when the cash on delivery and free shipping are available.


How Shopee makes this possible and if whether going to remain free in the future is anybody's guess. But for now, know that now is the best time to sell your items.

What second-hand items can you sell in Shopee?

You can sell just about anything legal in Shopee. Just make sure to indicate the exact condition of your item. Meaning, the following info:

  • how old your item is
  • how frequent and long you've been using it
  • any tears and scratches
  • the brand
  • clear photos showing the exact item

How to take photos of your second-hand items

  • It's perfectly okay to use your smartphone to take photos if you don't have a DSLR. Just make sure that it shows the actual color of the item.
  • Avoid using filters. Filters change the overall look and color of the item and will lead buyers to think you're misleading them just to earn.
  • Use your phone's square frame. You need all sides of all 4 photo sides to have equal length. When your frame is a rectangle, your photos could appear too thin in the app as it won't occupy the whole allotted width. If your phone doesn't support square frames, download an app that does. There are plenty of them for free in Google Play.
  • Lighting is very important. Take the photos in a spot where the daylight is bright but not glaring directly at the item. The light has to be diffused. Watch this tutorial video to see how to take professional item photos with your phone using daylight as your lighting.
  • For more artistic layout, go to Pinterest for photo styling inspiration.

How to set up your Shopee store

To create a Shopee account and set up your shop, follow this tutorial. It contains complete instructions from start to finish on how to:

  • add your shop's name, profile, and cover photo
  • add your items and how to indicate that an item is used
  • activate your COD and free shipping
  • add your bank info where Shopee is going to issue your payment

How to get more exposure for your products for free

Read this tutorial if you want to add discounts and promotions for your store. Discounts and promotions increase the chances of getting your products in front of buyers as Shopee tend to highlight discounted products in the app.

You can also post on Facebook Marketplace for additional views. And if you want to take it to the next level, create a Facebook Page and Group. That's if you're planning to sell in Shopee for long-term.

How to ship your orders via COD and Free Shipping

Not all buyers can be eligible for free shipping and COD. You need to at least have 10 active listings and your pick-up address should be serviceable by any of Shopee's 4 courier partners, namely Black Arrow, 2GO, Ninja Van, and Xpost.

If you want to see if your location belongs to the serviceable areas, read this tutorial.

For more Shopee selling tips, click here. This is where I write all my Shopee selling tips as I go along.

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