How to Answer: Why Do You Want to Work in a Call Center?

"Why do you want to work in a call center?" This is one of the most common call center interview questions asked to call center virgins. And as always, nothing beats a good old preparation. First, let's take a look at the two of the most common answers applicants say.


Why Do You Want to Work in a Call Center?

Here are the common answers applicants say:

Because I want to improve my English and communication skills."

What's wrong with this answer?


It sounds like you're not yet ready for the job. Remember, you're applying as a real employee, not as an OJT. It highlights the fact that you have no experience. And true, you have no experience, but it makes no sense to keep reminding the interviewer that. So forget about that.

Because I love talking to customers."

K. Who are you kidding?


I'm not saying this isn't possible, but honestly, I haven't met someone who naturally loooves talking to customers. Not to mention the irate ones. Maybe you do. Maybe you are that person, but unless you have a really credible reason why you do, keep it to yourself.

(Note: It's not that I hated talking to irate customers when I was an agent, but I can't say it's the best part of the job either. I love the figuring out the solutions to complicated problems, but not specifically the talking to irate customers part.) 

Besides, most, if not all, interviewers won't buy this. Remember, they are paid to interview people for a living, five days a week. So if you're going to give this answer, think twice my friends.

What I recommend:

Cut the crap and say what your real reason is. For the most of us, and probably for ALL of us, it's the money, right? So say it. No shame in that.

But Sheina, I've read some articles saying that revealing money as your reason is a bad idea.

I say, every rule has an exception. Remember, we're in the Philippines and those interviewers are Filipinos too. They know exactly why most applicants, degree holders or not, choose call centers instead of working for the course they've studied for. It's not the passion, it's the salary.

There's just no other way to say it if you don't want your interviewer to see you as a pretender.

But here's something sweet you can add:

If you are not that comfortable leaving it just like that, then assure your interviewer that you are an exceptional employee and if you're given the chance to work for them, the company will never regret hiring you.

Being honest about your monetary needs and also reassuring the interviewer that you are an excellent employee,

1.) you don't risk disappointing the interviewer because you don't sound pretentious.
2.) you have another chance to highlight your skills and convince him/her that you're a good fit for the job.

Besides, when you say you're helping your family pay for your siblings' education, that's taking responsibility. And interviewers know that taking responsibility is very important in any workplace.


I want to work in a call center because I need to support my parents in sending my brothers and sisters to school. My eldest brother is already in first year college and my eldest sister is graduating high school this year. This is the reason why I decided to apply . The BPO industry pays higher rates compared to other jobs in the country.

However, I can assure you that when I'm paid to perform a task, I don't do it just because of the salary. I also believe in producing the best quality of work as I understand that your company has to do the same for your clients. It's a win, win, win for the employees, your company, and the clients. If one of the three isn't performing well, then all three lose.

Does this really work?

Damn right it does! I've heard one my co-applicants answered this. Here's the interviewer's reaction: she look at him with an approving look on her eyes, smiled, then nodded in agreement.

You will want that reaction from your interviewer. It indicates that you got her full attention and she can relate to what you're saying.

Why? Because it sounds authentic and honest. She will never question that. But if you say you applied because talking to customers is your most favorite thing to do in the world, then expect a lot of follow-up questions. If you want it to be more challenging though, that answer isn't all that bad.

I hope this article helps you with your interview.

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