Call Center Resume Guide: The Best Information To Include

The outsourcing of business processes is one of the Philippines' hottest sectors. Because many forms of overseas companies use outsourced labor, it includes many industries. The BPO industry is one of the country's largest job creators, in industries from content generation to customer support.


Call center agent positions are one of the most common BPO jobs today. Such positions are chosen by many people because they are regarded as high paying positions. However, since everyone wants one of these jobs, you will have to impress employers to get one.

One way to impress employers is to have an excellent resume. Building a professional resume is a skill that everyone will need to develop at one point or another. Here are our tips for a great call center resume!

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Contrary to popular belief, the call center industry is not a monotonous world in which people only go to work to respond to calls. Most people would think that there is little or no interaction between colleagues at work. But the truth is, the teams and accounts build a close-knit relationship between their members.

The BPO industry, particularly in the Philippines, is very competitive. Every year, Philippine-based call center companies invest large amounts of their resources in educating their employees. They also ensure that their abilities and expertise are equal with, if not better than, their competition.


Basic Requirements To Become A Call Center Agent

A great thing about this BPO job is that most businesses don't require a college degree. Eligible candidates are often individuals with a high school diploma. Keep in mind that you will need to talk to foreign customers in this position. Because of this, English speaking and listening skills are required.

It is a well-known fact that the industry is paying fair wages. In reality, it is known that the call center industry in the Philippines is responsible for the middle-class development of the country. The BPO industry is proud to take excellent care of its people by providing outstanding medical and dental services, educational assistance, meal and travel allowances, and other incentives.

What Are The Goals Of Your Resume

Your resume will make your short-term ambitions abundantly clear. To demonstrate why you are interested in this role, you should put these goals below your information.

Tell Them That You Are Ready For the Job

Tell them instantly that you are both happy and looking forward to a call center agent's busy day-to-day life. This is a big plus for employers because they can feel confident you are ready to take on the challenge and work in a position that requires constant communication.

Include In Your Resume That You Are Ready For Challenges

Tell your potential employer that you are prepared to be tested. They love someone to bring a fresh perspective and strength. They'll also appreciate that you're interested in learning about call center technology as much as you can because it's an essential part of your work.

Tell Them That You Are Ready To Learn

Point out the company's specific industry, whether it's software, sales, or anything else. This will prove you have researched the company. It will also demonstrate that you want to learn more than just your specific team, but also the whole company's intent and task.

How To Make Your Resume

Below are various sections and skills that would be wise to highlight on your resume for a call center job.

Personal Summary

Whether you are applying for an entry-level position or an executive role, it doesn't matter; your resume should start with a brief summary. Those two to four sentences describe your candidacy and summarize the competencies and experiences related to your CV. This should highlight your best features for employers who may skim through apps. A good summary outlines your background and discusses why you would be a good fit for the company. Speak about your relevant work experience and draw attention to skills that would help your employer.

Language Proficiency

Communication is key to customer service, and being able to communicate with people from around the world makes you much more appealing. To differentiate yourself from other candidates, make sure to include if you can speak two or more languages.

Technical Proficiency

Many businesses are more concerned with the soft skills of the applicant when it comes to customer service than they are with their technological or brand expertise. It can be much harder to teach soft skills such as active listening and emotional intelligence than using or troubleshooting a device. Nonetheless, you should still include any technical skills you have that will pertain to the job. This may include familiarity with certain software or communication systems. 

Attention To Detail

You must pay close attention to detail when dealing directly with customers. For specific issues, inquiries, and complaints, consumers will reach out. You have to pay attention to the details to make sure that the right answer is given. Furthermore, misrepresentations and grammatical errors are a sure sign of unprofessionalism and will deter employers from trusting you. So attention to detail is a great skill to highlight on your resume.

Strong Organizational Skills

To keep a record of all their customer interactions, call center agents need to be organized. Since agents talk to multiple customers in a day, understanding which customer had issues with certain products or services can become overwhelming. If you are someone who maintains to-do lists, budget spreadsheets, or other files, these skills should be applied to your CV.

Pleasing Personality

Additionally, a significant part of front-line work is marketing products or services directly to customers. You're going to be the voice customers hear, and it matters what you're saying. Therefore, companies want to recruit convincing call center agents who can persuade customers to purchase or buy improvements. They don't want somebody to be dishonest. Still, if you strongly agree that the products or services would improve the lives of your clients, you should be able to relay it vehemently.

Benefits Of Being A Call Center Agent

There's no boring day in a call center. Every customer experience you'll have is going to be different. This stimulating work environment is complemented by the innovative nature of the industry. Operating in the field of call centers increases the quotient of innovation.

Thanks to their highly dependent use of the latest technology, it keeps you in the loop of transition. If you prefer working in a fast-paced atmosphere with forward-thinking individuals, choosing to work in the call center industry may be the right career option for you. The BPO industry offers job seekers complete package: work versatility, fair pay, and bundles of benefits. For more call center tips, click here.

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