Best 5 Call Center Companies In The Philippines To Work For

Whenever you have a complaint or need to resolve an issue with your internet provider, you often dial a customer support number for help. This call is then routed to a call center where you can talk to a representative that will guide you to a resolution.


You may not know it, but people in the Philippines mostly cater to your calls. Many foreign businesses today outsource their call center jobs to the Philippines since it is more affordable and known for its high quality of service.

If you want to know which are the best 5 call centers in the Philippines, check out the article below.

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What Is a Call Center?

A call center is an office that handles customer service or technical support needs that come from customers via phone calls. Some call centers also do back office operations like handling accounting and human resource work.

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Call centers are part of the outsourcing industry where businesses in one country tap into another country's workforce to conduct certain aspects of their business for them.


Most of the time, these companies outsource their jobs to countries that offer affordable rates. A lot of businesses in foreign countries often benefit from outsourcing to the Philippines due to having no language barrier and a skilled population.

Why Is the Philippines the Prime Location for Call Centers?

There are a lot of reasons why many companies in the US and other countries in the world choose to outsource their businesses in the Philippines. Apart from being a predominantly English-speaking country, the Philippines offers competent customer service providers.

Many companies benefit from saving on costs as the Philippines offer a more affordable rate for their providers. There is also a massive pool of untapped talent and potential waiting to be hired within the country as many people from the Philippines are technically adept and skilled at the jobs that are being outsourced.

Lastly, the Philippines have robust laws on data privacy and IP protection, making it an ideal location for many countries to outsource critical jobs to.

What to Look for in a Call Center

When it comes to looking for a call center company to work for, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Not all call center companies in the Philippines can provide with you the growth or income that you need to sustain your lifestyle.

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First, always choose a call center that specializes in a certain industry. There are a lot of call centers that are known to specialize in industries like hospitality and banking. Choose them as they are the most stable when it comes to career growth and opportunities.

You should also consider the centers' current location as you might have to commute or travel a lot during your work days. Some call centers often offer a certain type of service but you should also consider a call center that offers a myriad of services aside from providing customer support.

This way, you always have different opportunities to grow as there are new skills to learn.

Most Outsourced Services in the Country

Many clients often rely on the Philippines to outsource important business functions to cut costs.

For example, many US companies outsource their programming and IT services to the Philippines as it is believed that many Filipino IT professionals are on par skill wise with the US. There are also foreign companies that outsource back office operations. such as data management and human resource management to call centers in the Philippines.

Recently, there has been rapid growth within accounting and financial operations for the call center industry. Many companies outside of the country want to save on costs and would rather invest in very competent but highly affordable providers found in the Philippines.

The Best of the Best Call Centers

The Philippines is home to hundreds of call centers and each of them offers a myriad of services that many foreign companies can benefit from.

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With so many call centers to choose from, there are bound to be some that will rise to the top. Here are some of the best call center companies to work for in the Philippines.


Teleperformance is one of the oldest call centers in the Philippines and one of the most prominent companies in the country. It is sought-after by hundreds of clients for its professional customer service experience as well as technical support prowess.

Teleperformance Philippines has more than 22 sites all over the country in cities like Bacolod, Manila, Antipolo, Cebu, Baguio, and many more.

Teleperformance also offers other services like back-office operations which allow for even more career opportunities. This is one of the main reasons why many Filipinos consider the company one of the best.

Accenture Inc.

Accenture is one of the leading and largest call center companies in the Philippines. It has over 50,000 people working in different sites all over the country.

The company boasts more than 85 clients and offers professional services in different areas like customer service, procurement, marketing, finance, accounting, talent acquisition, and more.

Many Filipinos enjoy a high income and a lot of benefits when working for Accenture.


Sitel is one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines with its solution-centered culture.

Sitel began its operation in the Philippines in 2000 and has since expanded into different cities such as Tarlac, Mandaluyong, and even in Baguio.

What makes Sitel one of the best call centers to work for is that they continue to offer a work-from-home setup for workers who want to continue with such working conditions alongside competitive salaries and benefits.


Foreign companies trust Concentrix in delivering the services need for their company. The company offers services such as marketing, IT, customer service, finance, and a lot more.

Concentrix has over 80,000 employees based in the Philippines and the company continues to grow its client businesses expand. This can only mean that there will be more jobs for Filipinos in the coming years.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

As one of the most revered institutions in the United States, JP Morgan Chase & Co. has established its own call center within the country.

Their providers across the Philippines offer integrated banking and financial services. The company currently employs several thousand providers and continues to grow today.

Why You Should Work in a Call Center?

There is a current stigma within the country that working at a call center offers no growth. It is commonly referred to as a dead-end job for many people.

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However, this is simply not true. The call center industry in the Philippines offers a lot of career growth potential that not many other companies offer.

For example, you'll be offered a promotion within several months if you are well-adept in your current position.

Additionally, many people often seek call center jobs because of the high wage and benefits provided by the companies.

Required Skills to Work in a Call Center

Getting a job at a call center in the Philippines is very easy if you know what the company needs. Many applicants often fail during the application process because they are unprepared.

Skills required to succeed include attention to detail, proper organization, and knowledge retention. Make sure these skills are on display in order to make it through the application process.

Apart from the expected communication skills, your work ethic should also be promoted during your application.


Call centers are an important backbone of the Philippine economy. This industry helped the economy during the trying times of the pandemic and continues to boost the country. The 5 best call centers to work for in the Philippines can provide competitive salaries, benefits, and a career with growth opportunities.

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