11 Extra Income Ideas for Call Center Agents

extra income ideas for call center agents

If you’re a call center agent, chances are, people around you think that you have no money issues. You receive way more than the minimum Philippine wage and all you have to do is wear a headset, listen to customers and talk. Or so they thought. Little did they know that this job is, by no … Read more

5 Money Lessons Every Call Center Agent Should Know

money lessons every call center agent should know

Back in my elementary days, the teachers used to decorate the classroom walls with handwritten quotes on cardboard saying, Honesty is the best policy.  And wherever this infamous honesty quote popped up, so shall the other: Money is the root of all evil. I didn’t know why, but somehow, it was implied that honesty and money … Read more

How to Make Money by Leasing Coconut Farms

how to make money by leasing coconut farms

Six years ago, when I was 18 and just started working in the city for the first time, my mom gave me a piece of advice that would later prove useful, “Soon, you’ll get tired of working for an office job. If you don’t want to work forever, you’ll need all coconuts that you can … Read more

How to Build a Pisonet Business in the Philippines

how to build a pisonet business

If you’re thinking of building a business but you’re intimidated of the business preparations you need to familiarize of, Pisonet is perfect for you. Not only it has a huge demand among Filipinos, the business plan is simpler and less complicated than other business if you get one thing right- location. For the sake of … Read more