Learn From the Top E-commerce Sites of 2020

A few large corporations dominate the online shopping environment. Of course, anyone can sell online, but names, like Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Wal-Mart, and Alibaba are definitely some of the best. 

Growing up to join such an elite organization seems like a huge obstacle. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take any clues on how they work. 

In this article, let us look at a couple of items that really do these giant E-commerce sites, which will help you to build your own store and to learn from them. Read on to learn more.

Learn From the Top E-commerce Sites of 2020
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Amazon was built as a business in the United States in 1994 and became an online bookshop that subsequently diversified to include items such as media, electronics, clothing and furnishings, food, toys, and jewelry. 

After spreading to a range of countries, including the UK, Amazon is the undisputed global E-commerce pioneer with the world’s highest revenue and profits. 


With the purchase of Whole Foods Market, it further becomes brick-and-mortar retail and publishing, software, cloud computing, video streaming, and many other companies.

What to Learn From Amazon

There are tons of things to learn from Amazon. The first two points Amazon addresses with quick delivery for all Prime users are free music and members’ movies. 

And, while the returns process can not be made entirely painless, even Amazon provides free shipping for different types of goods. It allows customers to send off at nearby Amazon lockers for convenience.

A total of 90% of consumers spend time browsing at goods before making a purchase decision. Although you can purchase on impulse on occasion, many customers will take the time to search your website and weigh their choices before making their final decisions. 

When you see what you want, it’s worthwhile giving them a simple way to notice it, so when they come back, they are easier to find.


E-commerce leader, eBay, is an Internet market that enables people and companies to directly sell through their online marketing platform. 

Founded in 1995, eBay has grown to more than 20 countries to organize the sale, including entertainment, toys, business, industrial goods, and selling items ranging from cars and automobiles to electronics and fashions.

What to Learn From eBay

One of the critical features of eBay is the commitment to creating a customized experience for each tourist. Based on the searches and transactions made before, you can connect with an account, and eBay will recommend products for you. 

It helps to market more goods, to sell more items, and to have customer service! eBay also offers you the possibility to pursue those categories, in addition to showing you what you previously looked for. 

While you must do some work for yourself, the result is just the same as Amazon. Some people might also claim that you have wanted to see the goods all the more customized.


Etsy is a market that focuses on goods produced by hand on exclusive factory pieces. This helps individuals and businesses sell a wide variety of goods for art and photography, clothes, and accessories, food, baths, cosmetics, toys, and other things directly to their users.

What to Learn From Etsy

Learn From the Top E-commerce Sites of 2020
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Etsy’s turnover will continue to grow, with over 35 million engaged buyers and analysts in 2019. Buyers come to Etsy to find handmade goods so that you already have an interconnected audience looking for your interests. 

Corporate owners should still opt to use data, and Etsy tracks a lot of metrics for you. Your dashboard shows you information on your store, including traffic on your website, the number of favorites for each item, visits, commands, and profits. 

There is also a guide to track web analytics with Google Analytics, and Etsy has his own Search Analytics system that tracks the sales drivers. Etsy helps you learn other marketing tactics, such as growth strategies, seasonal tips, productivity, and SEO optimization. 


The US is the world’s most established market for online shopping. Many of the major E-commerce companies lead the way and build the patterns that influence online shopping worldwide in many other nations.