How to Better Advertise Your Shopify Store

Online selling with your Shopify store can be tough at first, especially when you're starting from scratch. However, there are real tips to help you get through the hardest part.


If you have a Shopify store, you need to advertise your items well in order to get more customers. Whether you're selling clothes or secondhand items, your store is your investment.

Here are some tips you can follow to start better advertising your Shopify store through external efforts. 

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Hire an Influencer

Understanding where to start when promoting your online store is tricky. If you have a small audience, blogging and updating social media can seem futile. You can put 'influencer connection' at number 1.

Influencers are people or blogs that have an overwhelming online following. One tweet or Instagram post about your products can send your website a flood of traffic and build that initial audience.


Market Through Email

Email marketing is the act of sending, usually to a group of people, a commercial message using email. Each email sent to a prospective or current customer could be regarded as email marketing in its broadest sense.

This usually involves sending ads and requesting company. This can also be used when soliciting sales or donations via email and is intended to create loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Marketing emails can be sent to an existing customer registry or a purchased reference list. Create a list of email addresses of your friends until your list goes on.

Build Your Social Media Pages

First things first—realize that just because a social network exists, it doesn't mean you need to be advertising on it. You need to understand what the platform actually does, how it is used by users, and decide if it makes sense to have a presence for your company.

The customer should stay where they live so that you have a better chance of connecting with them and getting involved. Having great Twitter material and a highly active profile means nothing if there's no sticking out your buyer persona.

Advertise Through YouTube

Remember this fact: With more than 3 billion searches every month, YouTube is the second largest search engine. With video continuing to grow as a preferred form of media, it is no wonder that YouTube is the third most frequently visited website.

Only with its inclusion in both Google's Internet and video search has the popularity of YouTube increased. And only attracting followers and traffic to your page will allow you to have an active channel on this platform.

Advertise Your Posts

There is a reason why Facebook marketing is used by 92 per cent of online marketers. You have a better chance of reaching users because of the vast number of people using the network, whether you are trying to target globally or to a smaller, local region. Also, the variables that you can define to the goal are noteworthy.

For LinkedIn, it has a B2B marketers go-to social media platform. Although you don't have as many considerations as Twitter, when creating a target audience, LinkedIn ads can become pretty specific.

One function recently rolled out by LinkedIn is InMail Sponsored. This is in addition to advertising that may appear in a user's homepage newsfeed and text ads, which appear in the sidebar region.


Selling online with your Shopify store can be a challenge at first. These tips will help you get through the hardest part of building your shop online. For more tips for online selling, click here.

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