How to Make Money with Online College Tutoring

Since college students spend most of their time online, classroom learning is not enough to feed their minds and that’s where online college tutoring steps in. Online tutors jump in to help students study efficiently and as an online tutor you can earn pretty bucks too. 

Anyone can take up online college tutoring- be it a retired professor, parent, university student, or industry professional. What’s even better? There are plenty of sites that provide remote teaching opportunities to online tutors.

If you have profound knowledge of a subject or relevant experience, you can sign up on these sites to get started. Are you ready to be among millions of online tutors who are earning good money using their skills? Stick with us and find out how to get started with online tutoring.

How does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring is as simple as a video call with your friends if you’re confident about your subject. You will make use of your smartphone, webcam, or conferencing apps like Skype to interact with students. 

You will tutor one college student at a time in the topics they need help with. You can plan the classes according to your schedule and availability, thus enjoying flexible work hours.

Most popular subjects that students seek help in include Math, Physics, Chemistry, and languages like French, German, and English. Many tutors prefer to work independently through their websites or social media sites. However, finding tutoring jobs is easier with the help of online platforms that connect students to tutors.

Basic Requirements for Online Tutoring Jobs

The requirements for tutoring jobs depend on the site you’re registered with. However, there are some basic criteria that almost all companies require you to meet. You must have a reliable personal computer and access to high-speed internet (fiber or modem).

Great communication skills are a must for tutoring any subject along with interpersonal skills. For teaching college students, you must have at least a degree in the subject or relevant field. However, some companies also let you tutor if you have equivalent experience in the teaching field and clear their assessment.

Best Sites for Online College Tutoring

We’ve compiled a list of best tutoring agencies where you can find your students.

It is one of the most popular tutoring platforms among students and tutors alike. The company connects you with students of all levels-kindergarten kids to grad students who need help with their subjects. 

The pay scale is one of the highest in the industry ranging from $25 to $80 per hour. You can choose from hundreds of subjects or skills to teach on their job portal.

Chegg Tutor

It is another tutoring platform where you can find college students seeking help in your area of expertise. You must have a degree or pursuing one to qualify for Chegg’s tutoring program. The pay starts from $20 per hour, and you have to put in at least 5 hours every week. 

The pay increases as your reviews improve on teaching more students.


With a student base of thousands, TutorVista is a great place to start your online college tutoring journey. You must possess teaching qualifications and some experience to qualify as a tutor. You can earn anywhere between $10 and $40 per hour by teaching subjects like Biology, Calculus, Grammar, etc. You are required to work for a minimum of 4 hours every week on the platform.

iTutor Group

Join a network of 30000+ teachers spread over 135+ countries on iTutor. The platform offers you great pay starting from $10 per hour plus contribution bonuses as your tenure increases. You have to put in at least 4 hours per week teaching students on the platform. 

You must have a bachelor’s degree, TESOL/TEFL/TESL certificate, and minimum teaching experience of one year. Besides these sites, you can also search for individual online tutoring jobs on platforms like Indeed, TimesJob, and many more.

The Bottom Line

Teaching is one of the best jobs out there for those who have a passion for certain subjects. It not only helps you convert your skills into money but also increases your knowledge as you teach. And it’s a cherry on top when you can do it from the comfort of your home.