Track your Online Working Days with this App

Online work, or ‘Work from Home’ is fast becoming the ‘next big thing’ in the corporate world. No doubt, the changing work environments, and employee preferences necessitated a partial switch to the work from home culture. However, slowly, organizations have begun realizing their business and productivity benefits as well.


More online working days are definitely a welcome change for the employees. But they come with their own set of challenges. The primary challenge is - how do you, an employee, track your online working days? How do you ensure that you are able to manage your time well, and remain productive during this time?

Let's discuss the solution to this problem in this post. It’s called ‘Work Log’!


What is Work Log?

Work Log is a quick and simple way to keep a track of online working days, and a lot of other parameters associated with online working.

It’s an easy-to-use mobile application that has been designed according to the needs of the modern-day work from home culture.


Therefore, it’s not like yet another time management app. It has integrated features and automated functionalities that give you a business perspective for all your time spent on online working days.

Features and Functionalities

  • Work Log is an integrated solution for the management of online working days. It gives you the option to track your work hours, expenses, break times, pay period and mileage, etc., automatically.
  • The Work Log app works intelligently! It keeps a track of your milestones, bonuses, and promotions and reflects them on your dashboard.
  • The app offers you the option to punch and punch out of work automatically. You can also enter the work timings manually at any time.
  • Using the Work Log app, you can also calculate your overtime hours, so that you never miss out on the extra earnings due to errors in the calculation of working days and hours!
  • With Work Log, tracking, and analysis of online working hours has never been easier. The app shows all your indicators through easy to interpret graphs and visuals, and in various formats like daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • The Work Log app is completely customized. You can change a slew of settings like time and date formats, work timings, offs, pay scales, and even the color theme.
  • Work Log also offers some really attractive and easy-to-use widgets. Using these, you can punch in and punch out of work quickly, or add a new shift right from your home screen.

Are there Any Drawbacks?

Work Log has brought together many features and functionalities, and integrated them quite well. Not much space is left for any complaint or to point a drawback.

However, the only thing that seems to be a pain point is its dependence on manual data entry for some of its features. If you, as a user, can master that, the app is a breeze to use!

Is it Free?

Work Log, with all its features discussed above, is absolutely free to use. However, there’s a Pro version of the app as well, with a lot of advanced features.

The Work Log Pro app gives you the option of tracking multiple jobs simultaneously and export your data to a spreadsheet. Further, your data can be backed up and retrieved easily in the Work Log Pro App.

Also, the Pro version of the app is completely ad-free and costs $4.99 on Google Play Store in the US. However, for regular use, the free app works satisfactorily well, and you need not pay.

Where and How to Get it?

The Work Log app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app easily from Google Play (Android users) or App Store (iPhone Users), following a few simple steps.

Once installed, signing up on the app and setting up your dashboard does not take much time or effort. You can sign up on the app by entering your basic details like phone and email.

Setting up the dashboard requires you to share the details of your work, working days, pay period, compensation details, and more, depending on what all you want to track. It’s easy, simple, and quick on the Work Log app.


Tracking the online working days is no doubt a challenging task. However, taking the help of technology can make the whole process absolutely simple, and fun.

An App like Work Log can work wonders when it comes to working from home, and take a lot of hassle off your shoulders.

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