Here is How to Increase Client Satisfaction with a Website

Having a website is an excellent way of showcasing your products and services to your customers. Not only does it advertise everything you have to offer, but it also goes further to give the customer information about the company’s history.

Now, having a website is not enough. You must always go further with your clients and communicate with them constantly. Responding to their requests in a timely manner is one of the best ways of ensuring client satisfaction from your site.

According to research, at least 54% of online customers will abandon their purchases completely if their questions are not answered immediately. In fact, 89% of customers will always expect customer service to be the main difference between brands.

Here is How to Increase Client Satisfaction with a Website
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Ways of Increasing Client Satisfaction With Your Website

Ensure That the Website Has an Excellent Design

The design of the website is the first thing that attracts your customers, and it may be the reason why they stay on the site looking through your products.

Now, in order to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, the design should not only be beautiful, but it should have as few issues as possible. 


Another reason why customers will abandon purchases is an inconvenience. When they are not able to do simple tasks on the site, they tend to leave.

An estimated 30% of customers will abandon their cart, or drop-off from your site if, for example, you keep asking them to register before their orders. 

Removing such a barrier in the design will ensure a smooth checkout.

Ensure a Quick Response to Customers

As mentioned, this is one of the biggest steps towards improving your customer service presence. Always ensuring that you respond to customers’ inquiries as fast as possible is essential. 

Most customers say that the most important thing while shopping online is being shown attention.

Offer Customers Live Chat Options

This has quickly picked up on many sites. The minute you log in to a site, there is a customer service prompt to help you with anything you may need. It is an excellent way of improving the efficiency of customer service.

According to a survey by Loudhouse, 93% of customers reported that real-time support was helpful in making their online purchases. A further 73% of them were satisfied after they received live chat support.

When you compare phone and live chat support, only 44% of customers were satisfied with phone support. 

Come Up With Loyalty Programs for Customers

This is another great way of boosting customer satisfaction. When you come up with incentives such as loyalty programs, customers feel empowered to keep shopping with you in order to receive these rewards. 

Other incentives you can use are issuing bonuses and discounts to customers when they are making select purchases.

These types of gifts can motivate customers further to make more purchases and will generate repeat business for your company. According to Bond Brand Loyalty, 83% of customers said that such programs made them continue doing business with the company.

Ensure You Conduct Adequate Research

In order to ensure that your efforts are effective and do not go to waste, it is wise to collect as much information as you can about the performance of your website. 

Make use of analytical tools that help track the number of visitors you have on your site and then look for options to improve on this.

Data should be collected on key performance indicators that can help you measure your customer service. One important indicator should be the average time in a queue that customers are willing to spend.

You should also check on the length of time it takes for them to make a purchase from when they first initiate an inquiry. Also check on how quickly your agents help out your customers.

The time in queue impacts customer satisfaction and the shopping cart abandonment rates. Additionally, keep track of how long it takes the customers to receive a solution when they raise an issue with your company.

Here is How to Increase Client Satisfaction with a Website
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The above points are just some of the features you should implement on your site in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction. Remember that the more satisfied your customers are, the higher the sales will be. All the best as you implement these tips.