Use the Shopify Website Builder to Create an Online Store

Along with other technological advancements, the increasing number of online stores on different platforms is notable. As businesses continue to embrace digital marketing and incorporate eCommerce into their business strategies, an online store builder that has everything you need has been is essential. 


Before selling your goods online, you need to create a website or online shop to list your products, accept orders, and set up payment schemes. Nowadays, almost any business owner opts to create an online store with just a few clicks.

Shopify Website Builder makes it easier for any entrepreneur to create an online store. It helps in selling and managing online products effortlessly. Read on to learn how you may start an online store with Shopify. 

Use the Shopify Website Builder to Create an Online Store

Building your Brand

Before starting, you must decide on building your brand, and that includes creating a business name and logo as it will dictate the next steps. Find a name that fits your business idea, then create a logo that will stand out from the competition and make your business unforgettable. 

Shopify has a business name generator where you can create a business name and claim the domain in seconds. On its website’s home, just click "start", then “branding”, and it will lead you to the shop name generator. You can describe your brand in one word and enter it into the generator to instantly search for domain availability. 


With Hatchful, their simple logo maker, you can create stunning logos in seconds. Click “Get Started”, and it will ask you to choose your business space (e.g., fashion, health and beauty, and services) to create better designs. Then, it will need your visual style preference, such as creative or elegant. 

The final steps include adding your business name and slogan and telling them where the logo will be used. It will generate many logo options that you can further edit according to your own liking. You can also pick a different logo anytime. 

Build your Online Presence

After building your brand, it is important to put your brand into action by developing customer loyalty and promoting your business on social. With Shopify, you can get a custom web address, download free stock photos, and amplify your brand. 

You can register your domain name through Shopify with no configuration needed as their automated setup makes it easy. You can find the perfect domain name that will give your business credibility and help you rank higher in search engines. With this, your customer will remember your brand and find your business later.  

With its Burst feature, you can personalize your website with free and high-resolution images. Type a description of the photo that you need on the search bar, and it will generate pictures for your website and commercial use. 

Boost awareness and run ad campaigns on social media through Kit, your first virtual employee for free. It boosts sales and creates awareness by handling your marketing. It organizes highly-targeted social ad campaigns, sends custom e-mails to your customers, and integrates powerful apps that you use. 

Use the Shopify Website Builder to Create an Online Store

Build your Store

Now, it is time to bring your idea to life with the right tools you need for retail. Shopify includes features that allow you to find products to sell, choose a store theme, and sell anywhere. 

You will never worry about shipping, packaging, and holding inventory with Oberlo. It helps you find and add products to your Shopify store to start selling instantly. You’ll never have to package or ship the products when you sell something and order it on Oberlo because it will do it for you. 

It has a range of free and paid themes that you can explore to find the right look and feel for your store. You can find inspiration, discover other styles, and start building your brand by browsing themes by industry or style. 

You can make sales in person and on the go with Shopify POS hardware. You can click “Request Information” on their POS webpage to get to know the most versatile POS for unifying in-store and online sales.

How Much It Costs

You can try it for free for 14 days, and pick a plan later, with no credit card required. There are three options: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. 

Basic Shopify (29 USD/month) contains all the basics for starting your new business, while Shopify (79 USD/month) has everything you need for a growing one. You can choose Advanced (299 USD/month) for advanced features for scaling your business. 


No matter what business you’re in, you can create an eCommerce website through Shopify. With its powerful tools, you can find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

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