Common Myths About Being a Call Center Agent Debunked

A call center is a place where call center agents receive a large volume of telephone calls. A company operates an inbound center for the management of incoming product or service assistance and consumer information inquiries.


A call center agent is a person who calls for a company for incoming or outgoing customers. An employee of a call center can manage account inquiries, customer complaints, or issues of support.

Being a call center agent is not an easy job. There are several misconceptions about the job that make most people feel discouraged. Here are some common myths about being a call center agent that we will debunk for you.

Common Myths About Being a Call Center Agent
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You Need to Master an American Accent or English

This is not true. In reality, having any kind of accent when working for a call center is not necessary. Maybe this is one of the most common myths. What really matters is having a neutral accent so that the clients can understand you. It doesn't really matter to consumers, as long as you're clear and understandable. Instead of sounding sophisticated, it is more about getting the message across.

You Need to Have Prior Experience

This is false. There's substantial development in the BPO sector, career-wise. Several management positions are open, and it's no longer only confined to a desk job. It's not limited to office work, in fact, either. There are millions of IT workers. Advertising and health care are also available. Most healthcare professionals prefer to work in a call center because they can practice their profession and earn quite well.


Anyone Can Work as a Call Center Agent

Not everybody can work in a call center. Working for one requires a particular talent and a lot of patience. It's quite hard, as well. It's mostly about multi-tasking. Sustaining the long hours often takes a lot of energy.

The main problem faced by call centers is not the quality of their customer service, but the turnover level of agents. There is a strong risk for those who are no longer able to handle it to fall entirely out of the call center. This is a problem that is quite popular in contact centers.

Call Center Agents are Uneducated

While it's true that there are agents who haven't finished college working in call centers, most agents do have a degree. It's not that easy these days to get into a call center.

There are also other technological criteria that businesses use to test their employees, such as computer literacy, a basic understanding of advertising, and necessary writing skills.

Call Center Agents Don't Care About Customer Service

Among the most common myths is the idea that call center agents don't care. That's not always accurate. Businesses are spending large amounts of money to boost customer service. Extra training, quality equipment, and comprehensive screening processes are among the items that companies are considering to ensure they can provide the best customer service. Apparently, agents care a great deal about clients.

Often, they prefer to offer a few additional services to those who inquire politically. The main reason why they seem to get a bad call is that the customer is upset to begin with. However, not all clients are like this.


Working for a call center is a real, lucrative job that is perhaps much more stringent than some. You can be quite sure that if you meet any call center operator, they will likely be creative, professional, and hard-working. For more call center tips, click here.

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