Tips for New Call Center Agents in the Night Shift

To minimize the side effects of uneven working hours, call center agents experience significant changes in everyday life that require your family and friends to understand and assist.


Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, it can be challenging to work at night. According to several types of research, shift work and long working hours were related to some health problems. These include the enhanced danger of metabolic issues, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, obesity, and some cancers.

We've collected some tips to assist you in dealing with late-night work. Hopefully, they will help you navigate your new job as a call center agent.

Call Center Agents
Call center agents need to take care of their bodies and health every day. Photo credits to:

Manage Your Sleeping Pattern

Even after a night shift, try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Photo credits to:

Some individuals can operate at night, while others experience deprivation of sleep and fatigue. This is because, at night, the human body is intended to sleep.

Night shift causes you to fight your natural rhythms by attempting to be alert when you're scheduled to sleep. Do not hesitate to go to sleep. The longer you delay going to bed, the more probable it is that you will become awake. Try to set aside a block of 7 to 9 hours after a night shift to devote yourself to sleep.


Before you go to sleep, have something to eat and drink. You may be awakened by hunger or thirst.

Control Exposure to Light

Exposure to light indicates chemical occurrences that the circadian pacemaker will trigger that will affect your cycles of sleep and wake. Melatonin, for instance, is released as it gets dark at night to make you feel drowsy.

On the other hand, melatonin is suppressed, and morning light elevates cortisol to make you feel awake. Through frequent overhead lights or a bright desk lamp or lightbox, you can regulate your light exposure during your shift. On your journey home, you also need to wear sunglasses.

Mind Your Diet

Call Center Agents Must Eat Healthy
Complete a healthy, balanced diet every meal. Photo credits to:

Try to adhere to a comparable pattern of eating to the one you'd follow during the day. To prevent the drowsiness connected with heavy meals, eat frequent light meals or healthy snacks. Choose easy-to-digest foods, including bread, rice, pasta, salad, milk products, fruits, and vegetables.

These sugars are slowly transformed into energy and are a significant source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Keep hydrated while working to support physical and mental efficiency.

Take a Few Naps

Taking a nap can become a vital part of working overnight securely. A nap during your break may be essential to keep your alertness and remain vigilant.

It has been shown that a nap taken through the day will increase and restore brainpower. Even 20 to 45-minute long naps have demonstrated useful to counteract fatigue by shifting employees.

Beware of Certain Medications

Consult with your doctor on proper pill medication. Photo credits to:

Beware of some medicines. Avoid extended use of sleeping pills and other sedatives that interfere with regular patterns of sleep. Beware of medication for cold and allergies that have side effects related to sleep. It is best to consult your doctor on these matters.

Moderate Drinking with Caffeine-Based Drinks

Caffeine is an incentive. Your regular dose of coffee can assist you to stay alert throughout a shift when used thoroughly. Improper use, however, can trigger muscle shakes and gastrointestinal upsets.

Small, frequent doses of caffeine can improve wakefulness and improve performance. At the beginning of their change, most individuals take an enormous dose of coffee to jump-start their day. To guarantee that the stimulant does not influence your sleep, the use of caffeine should be prevented about 6 hours before bedtime.


Call center agents are more prone to specific health issues, especially when they are still starting out. Your body needs to cope with the shifting schedule, and more importantly, your health adjusts, too.

It is best to follow these tips to have a wholesome experience in your new call center agent schedule. For more information requiring call center work, click here.

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