How To Become An Application Development Analyst

An analyst and application designer designs software based on one end-user group's specific needs. They decide what the desires of the target group are for a particular piece of software (such as mobile apps or computer games). Then, they build a software design development plan. Computer programming skills, experience in the industry, and a bachelor's degree in a software or computer-related field are conventional qualifications for this position.


Application developers are experts in software development who build operating systems and computer applications. Typically, they have to receive a four-year computer science bachelor's degree or a degree in a related subject to get into the position. Application developers must be innovative and thorough, have strong problem-solving skills, and great communication skills.

There is an ongoing need for people who can create software programs. With computers powering everything from the space program to our cell phones, this position is important. Technology designers create all kinds of applications. These range from massive business structures that handle all of a company's operations to mobile phone apps.

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Qualifications To Become An Application Development Analyst

You will need an undergraduate degree in computer science, or a related subject, to become an application developer. There are several schools with software development programs that feature job-relevant coursework. These courses include informatics, software engineering, mathematics, information technology, and information management systems.

Many colleges and universities offer computer science certificates or associate degrees that can complement a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field. Further, computer programming know-how is also essential. For instance, a job description of a mobile app developer may ask for proper handling of areas like HTML, Java, MS / SQL, and PHP.


Experience is also an essential requirement for most employment. Designers will work as programmers and testers for the software. During internships supervised by program analysts, students can often get some experience.

Successful application designers can analyze systems as well as think creatively about innovative solutions to problems. You also need to be knowledgeable in computer hardware technology and its limitations. Additionally, you have to be an expert in the programming language used to create the application.

Those who work on teams need strong communication skills so that both customers and fellow team members can understand them. However, many analysts work for small businesses and can work most of the time on their own.

Roles And Responsibilities

The duties of application developers include reviewing data to determine the features and requirements of an app. Developers often work with other computer professionals during this process. They then design the application meticulously, documenting, for future reference, every aspect of the process. Once the template is complete, it codes the submission. Computer programmers usually handle this function, but finding developers writing their own code is not unusual.

They check their app after coding rigorous routines and procedures to ensure it is running smoothly and with maximum operational efficiency. Glitches are then patched if there are any. Developers are often required to troubleshoot or modify existing programs for performance improvements.

Computer system analysts use a range of techniques to construct computer systems, such as data modeling. Modeling data helps analysts view processes and data flow before compiling programs. When programs are written, analysts conduct in-depth experiments and evaluate data information and patterns to improve the performance and efficiency of a system.

Important Skills And Qualities

Expertise In Analytics

Analysts have to dissect specific information from different sources and have the ability to decide the best way forward on a project. They also need to be able to figure out how changes will impact the project.

Expertise In Communication

Analysts work with management and the IT department as a liaison. They need to be able to explain complicated issues in a way that both parties can understand.


Since analysts are tasked with finding innovative solutions to computer problems, it's essential to be able to "think outside the box."

Types Of Jobs Available

Systems Designer

Systems designers, or system architects, help companies choose specific types of hardware and software systems. They translate an organization's long-term business goals into technical solutions. Analysts develop a computer system plan that can achieve these goals. They collaborate with management to ensure that programs and the IT infrastructure are put in place to serve the mission of the company best.

Software Quality Assurance

Analysts for software quality assurance conduct in-depth testing and evaluation of the applications they develop to ensure essential requirements are met. They also write management reports which suggest ways to improve the systems.

Programmer Analyst

Programmer analysts design and update the software for their system and create applications tailored to the needs of their organization. They do more coding and testing than other forms of analysts. But they continue to work closely with management and business analysts to assess business needs. Computer programmers and software developers are other professions that do programming.

Career Outlook

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers could expect a 9% increase in employment opportunities from 2018-2028.

This is a significant jump relative to all occupations across the country. Software developers employed exclusively on applications make an average annual salary of $103,620 as of May 2018 and have a predicted 26% job growth rate.


Practitioners must maintain current knowledge of rapidly changing technology. They are also likely to be able to obtain numerous voluntary certifications from several organizations to stay up-to-date and help increase employability.

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