Popular Philippines Careers That Need To Be Filled In 2020

The upsurge of the Philippines has occurred over the last two decades. It is now the go-to destination for outsourcing services in business production. Although our country still maintains at a 16-18% market share for global outsourcing services. Experts advise BPO firms to plan for the digital shift where computers and artificial intelligence can take over jobs that have routine, static, and rule-based processes.


This involves call center programs that mostly revolve around the routine types of support that tend towards "transactional" interactions. These include triggering a service, scheduling an appointment or, for example, signing up for a subscription.

However, in the Philippines, this is not the only booming industry. In fact, there are a lot of openings that are creating a need to hire more people. Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines that need more people. Salary estimates are from Indeed and PayScale.

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Data Scientist

Data science is a multidisciplinary field, using a variety of methods to derive knowledge and insight from both structured and unstructured data. The primary responsibility of a data scientist is to collect and analyze data to gain insight that the customer or company can leverage for their business.

It is also up to the data scientist to present and describe their results in a way that their audience can understand easily. A successful data scientist must have the ability to interpret, imagine, and communicate their research.


The average salary of a data scientist is P55,802 per month.


Agriculturists are experts in all agriculture and livestock rearing areas. They are scientists who advise farmers on land conservation, breeding, living conditions for livestock, crop protection, sustainability for the environment, disease, and harvest.

They operate for government agencies as well as private entities and individuals. Overall, they supply food producers with information and advice. A farmer is qualified in general agricultural studies. However, they typically specialize either in the job or in a master's program in one or more fields of agricultural science. These fields include crop specializations, animal specializations, specializations in farm management, and specializations in biotechnology.

Back End Developer

A Back End Developer generates code to add functionality to a website or application's front end elements. The back end consists of databases and applications running on the server-side. They ensure the successful delivery of all the services or information requested by the user at the front end. Also, they always ensure everything is running smoothly and accurately. For example, when you enter your payment information to purchase something from Amazon, the data that you keyed in is managed on the back end.

Full-Stack Developer

In this sense, "full-stack" is synonymous with "total," or someone who is versed in software and application creation both at the front end and back end. A full-stack developer is simply someone who has learned a variety of skills that enables them to create a product entirely from the beginning to the end.

A full-stack web developer is versed in the development of both the front end and back end websites. On the other hand, a full-stack application developer will be someone who possesses all the necessary skills to create a program or software independently.

A full-stack developer earns  P51,241 per month. 


In general, the main job of a draftsman is to make technical drawings based on the specifications and calculations given. Usually, draftsmen collaborate with experts in their field, such as scientists, architects, and engineers, who provide descriptions of the product or structure.

Draftsmen typically graduate from a technical school or a community college with a diploma or associate's degree in literature. At a four-year university, a draftsman can continue their education, but this is not typically necessary.

A person in the Philippines who works as a CAD drafter typically earns around 38,000 PHP per month. Salaries vary between PHP 17,500 (lowest) and PHP 60,400 (highest).

Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist, when it comes to marketing strategy, is the ship's captain. The job involves the development, implementation, monitoring, progress, execution, change, marketing campaigns across different markets. To understand what people are buying or using, companies hire them to identify and analyze trends at different levels (local, regional, national, and global).

During this research, they will identify any potential gaps that the product could fill in. Also, they need to determine the demographics of individuals who buy a specific product, how much people spend on a related product, and more.

Typically, they earn P21,211 per month. 

Recruitment Specialist

The main job of a recruitment manager or specialist is to find and meet qualified candidates that can fill open positions. From start to finish, they oversee the entire hiring process and serve as the "broker" between the candidate and the hiring manager.

Much of their research revolves around online search and contact with candidates and firms. To do this successfully, they should have excellent interpersonal skills and be skilled at finding the right talent with the use of job-search sites (for example, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed) and social media.

On average, they earn P264,960 per year. 

Administration Manager

Your primary role as an administration manager is to oversee the daily operations of the staff and all the workers. You are responsible for the development, review, and updating of administrative systems for companies. This will also include their policies and necessary procedures.

You would also ensure the performance of day-to-day activities. Generally, administration managers recruit, train, and assess staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals and responsibilities.

All in all, they earn at least P348,882 per year. 


The job of an accountant is to handle everything regarding the financials of a business. It involves reviewing, recording, and reporting financial data. In addition, you will need to as make balance sheets, statements of profit and loss, and audit financial documents. Generally, they earn at least P620,000 per year. 



It is challenging for employers to fill these positions. This is because many qualified applicants prefer to work overseas or have work schedules that are not conducive to the position. If you think you are right for one of these positions, apply today!

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