Learn Helpful Tips From These Shopify Setup Experts

You have probably heard of “Ecom Experts” or “Shopify Gurus”, as these terms are tossed around frequently these days with the continuous rise of E-Commerce. These "gurus" promote their courses on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 


Many Shopify setup experts share their tactics, hacks, and tools, but with hundreds of them on blog, video, and podcast platforms. Knowing who to follow can be really overwhelming. How do you find the experts worth listening to?

You wouldn't want to drop hard-earned cash on someone who would happily sell you outdated training and weak support. We've curated a list of Shopify setup experts who may be individuals that you may want to listen to. Read on to learn more about them.

Learn Helpful Tips From These Shopify Setup Experts

Frank Hatchett

One of the world-leading e-commerce experts, Frank Hatchett, offers a lot of value and content on his table. He shares his free videos and blog posts on his YouTube channel with 318k subscribers, and his Facebook group, respectively. 

He offers paid training courses: eCom Elites ($197), a and premium Shopify theme called eCom Turbo ($97-$127 one-time payment), helping stores increase sales. 


While eCom Elites is regarded as one of the best drop-shipping training programs available in the industry, Frank doesn't provide personal mentorship. After going through the material and starting their e-commerce stores, his students communicate with him and other experts on the Facebook group.

Kevin David

Also, one of the renowned Shopify gurus out there on the market is Kevin David. His courses sell at a high price of $997 to $1997, which is highly dependent on the package you avail.

Differing from Frank, his main focus is teaching thousands of like-minded individuals to leave their 8-hour jobs behind. He inspires budding entrepreneurs to run thriving e-commerce businesses. 

He has many free videos detailing how to launch and scale your Shopify store through his YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers. 

Kurt Elster

As a senior e-commerce consultant and Shopify Plus partner, Kurt helps Shopify merchants find hidden profits on their websites through Ethercycle. This eCommerce consultant exclusively focuses on guiding Shopify store owners to create sizable income. 

The Ethercycle YouTube channel offers free videos with actionable content on scaling Shopify stores. He has also gained popularity in the industry for hosting The Unofficial Shopify Podcast with more than a million downloads. 

Additionally, Kurt is an active writer-contributor on the Shopify blog, where he talks about finding new clients, freelancing, and eCommerce holiday planning. As his network and portfolio grew, he partnered with larger agencies, which multiplied his revenue more than eight times.

Tristan Broughton

Hailing from Australia, Tristan is a Shopify guru that gives free and valuable YouTube video content. If you plan to upgrade, you can do so for $197 to acquire full access to 50+ videos. He doesn't showoff luxury cars or rented mansions; you can only see good and honest content in his sales videos.

While some gurus offer courses for beginners, he targets those who already have some exposure to eCommerce. If you are an intermediate who wants to go straight to product research, marketing, and automation, he may be someone worth considering. 

He willingly shares his winning and losing products (because not all campaigns guarantee revenue) and helpful insights.

Ezra Firestone

Learn Helpful Tips From These Shopify Setup Experts
Image source: https://smartmarketer.com/

Being the CEO of Smart Marketer, he believes in giving consistent attention to your business. Ezra started his first eCommerce store in 2007, and now, he runs multiple successful businesses that bring in over $20 million in annual revenue. He is also the prime mover of several Shopify apps.

He and his team run plenty of eCommerce stores and give back through helping other business owners succeed. In his profiles, you can find tons of weekly content, including videos, live events, and premium training. 


These Shopify experts strive to empower and guide merchants as they grow their own businesses. They commit themselves to providing the right information and resources. As they improve in changing the face of eCommerce, they make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone now more than ever.

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