Government Clearances You May Need to Get for a Job

First of all, congratulations on making it through four years in college! Second of all, brace yourself to the world outside of college where you have to compete with other graduates to land in a decent job with good benefits and compensation.


But before you can do that, you need to secure the necessary documents and government clearances in order to have a smooth employment process in your chosen job or field.

Always be ready. Before you begin the tedious hiring process, make sure you have the government clearances on hand even before you are called for an interview in the job you applied for. Here are the basic requirements job seekers will surely need.

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PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate

This is the first document you'll ever need, so make sure you secure this above anything else. It will be difficult to acquire all other government documents if you don’t have this. Birth certificates are used to verify identity, birth date, and place, nationality, name of parents, etc. In order to avoid lining up in long queues, make sure to secure at least (3) three original copies in cases when it is duly needed, or you can have it delivered straight to your address by ordering via the legitimate website.

Official Transcript of Records (TOR)/ University Diploma

These documents would serve as proof that you have finished Elementary School, High School, and College. Your employers will use this as reference to the achievements stated in your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Also, your TOR is also a reflection of who you were back in your student days. Your employers will need to refer to this document from time to time to make sure your description of yourself will coincide with your TOR.


Most employers or hiring managers will not need the original copy; sometimes, a photocopy with the university stamp (to authenticate it) will suffice.

Social Security System (SSS) Number

This is one of the major and most important documents every employee must have. Your SSS number will be used to register your social insurance, retirement benefits, and healthcare. Here, you will also be needing your Birth Certificate and valid IDs.

You can avail of your SSS number in any SSS branch near you, but expect to see long queues. You will have to come early if you want to be entertained early. Otherwise, you will have to spend the rest of the day waiting for your turn. Although there might already be branches located in malls, it's best that you manage your time wisely and come early.

PhilHealth Number

As an employee, you should be a member of PhilHealth. If you meet unfortunate circumstances such as accidents in the future, your membership in PhilHealth will be your aid. You will be protected because you are entitled to hospital discounts if you should need any health or medical assistance. With this, you will be able to worry more about how to recover instead of worrying about your hospital bills. Also, an ID will be issued after the membership process with PhilHealth. You may present this in terminals, airports, or in any venues that need a show of identification card/s.

Pag-ibig Fund Number

As an employee and a Pag-ibig Fund member, you will be assisted in your plans of owning your own home. Pag-ibig is a government-owned institution that offers housing and short or long-term loans (usually up until 30 years to pay). In comparison to acquiring your SSS number, your Pag-ibig Fund number is rather easy and sweat-free to have. You just have to fill out some required forms online and viola! You are already registered.

BIR Tax Identification Number

If you get accepted in the job you applied for, your company will usually spearhead in registering your BIR Tax Identification Number. You don’t need to worry much about this. Your company will just mail you the necessary documents you need to fill out.

Barangay Clearance

This is also one of the clearances that are easy to acquire, as it is already available in your barangay. But before acquiring this clearance, you will need to present the following documents: Cedula and Filled-out application form. This clearance will certify that you have been a law-abiding citizen in your barangay. Barangay clearance may also be one of the pre-requisite documents that needs to be presented before you can acquire your police clearance.

Police Clearance

Just to be clear, when a company asks for a police clearance and an NBI clearance, get both because these documents are not one and the same. Your police clearance is a certification that you have been a good, law-abiding citizen in your locality. The application process does not necessarily require most of your time because queues in barangay stations are rarely long.

However, you should always be ready because there are chances when a person with whom you share the same name has committed a crime in a certain locality or region. This can result in further investigation, and the police station will require you to stay a bit longer than other applicants. The identity verification process will only last until 1-3 hours (on case to case basis).

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance is as important as your birth certificate. Your company will look for this to verify that you have no history of bad deeds. If you fail to submit this, there is a hundred percent chance that the company you applied for won’t hire you. NBI Clearance verifies that you have no criminal history in any courts of the country.

Before you go to any NBI branch in your locality, make sure you set an appointment online first (just visit their official website), and bring the following requirements: a filled-out NBI Clearance online application form and valid IDs. Finalizing your schedule online will save you from unwanted inconveniences.

Acquiring the NBI clearance will usually take a one-day process, but if you have a “hit” due to sharing the same name with a person who has committed a crime in a court somewhere in the country, you will have to wait at least 8-10 days before you can claim your NBI Clearance since it will still have to undergo another verification process.


Always bear in mind that before going to a battle, you should always come prepared. As for a fresh graduate and a first-time job seeker like you, it’s best if you prepare the necessary documents and clearances before you will have a limited time acquiring these.

Aside from preparing the requirements, make sure that you have already decided on the career path you want to take and where you want to grow, as there are a ton of career options to choose from.

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