Coronavirus Tips: Why You Should Be Working From Home If You Can

This new strain of coronavirus has affected our normal day-to-day lives immensely. As more and more countries start to implement community quarantines within their vicinities, the working class now has to face a new way to work. Many people are now shifting their normal schedules and are working from home.


Working from home is a new concept of having to communicate with officemates and accomplish tasks within the confines of your home. This means that you do not have to struggle with the daily commute to your office. When you are working from home, meetings are done online and tasks are presented through e-mails.

You just need to have a comfortable workspace somewhere in your house, a fast internet connection, and a reliable laptop. Then, you’re at your very own home office, safe from the risks and dangers of coronavirus. In this article, we will tell you why now, more than ever, you should be working from home.

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You Can Keep Yourself And Your Family Members Safe

As social and physical distancing is implemented across different local governments around the world, working from home means you get to interact with as few people as possible. With your own workspace at home, you can keep yourself and your family healthy by continuing to isolate yourself from big groups. If each and every member of your family stays at home, you are less likely to get the coronavirus.

You Can Invest Time In Your Personal Interests

If your job took too much of your time before, make the most out of it now that you are working from home. While working from home, you can make time for your children and your family or follow other personal interests.


How many hobbies have you neglected because of a job that sucks up all your time in a day? Look back on those now. However, it requires some planning and time management to achieve the proper work/life balance.

You Have Control Over Your Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is that you are in charge of your day. You should set and change your working time to suit your life's needs. Need to take a power nap in the middle of the day? You can now take breaks in between doing work right in the comfort of your home. A bonus is that you don’t need to worry about rush hour, or any traffic, for that matter.

Do you do your best work late at night? You can schedule your work time then.

However, this freedom can also bring with it distracting temptations and the risk of procrastinating on work-related tasks. You'll want to make sure you have the right entrepreneurial traits and a good daily organizational plan to handle this new responsibility.

You Have Control Over Your Clothing

No more dressing in trousers and blazers. No more pantyhose or ties. In your home office, you can wear whatever you want. You could wear your luxurious bathrobe every day if you want to be the most relaxed and inspired. But be sure to look your best (even if it is just your upper extremities) when you’re expecting a Skype call.

You Become More Independent

Working from home is much more than just the advantage of working in your pajamas. You will learn to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, commitment, and determination.

They are very important components for success as you progress through your career. Being able to properly control your time and schedule sounds easy and natural, but it is actually a rare and valuable ability.

There Is No Commute

It can take a lot of time to work outside the home, especially if you have a long drive. Further, you also have travel costs. If you cut out your daily commute, some of the money will be put back in your pockets. This also cuts down on other costs like tolls and the wear and tear of your vehicle.

You Can Save More Money

Aside from the money you’re saving on gas bills when you’re working from home, you no longer have to pay for lunch out or that expensive coffee near your office. When you work from home, you can take a break and prepare yourself a nutritious meal on a budget.

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The biggest take away for having to work from home is that you continue to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. That, in itself, is the biggest benefit you can get, as you get to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to work from home and still earn a living, count your blessing.

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