5 Careers That Will Make It Difficult To Work From Home When You Need To

Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has affected countless countries all over the world. In a span of few weeks, the disease spread like wildfire. This pandemic made the world stop and several industries have halted. Now, a lot of industries let their workers work from home.


Pandemics are massive-scale infectious disease outbreaks. They can dramatically increase mortality over a wide geographic region and cause substantial economic, social, and political disruption. Evidence indicates that the risk of pandemics has risen in the past century. This is due to increased global travel and migration, urbanization, land-use shifts, and greater natural environment degradation. These patterns are likely to continue and escalate. Significant policy attention is on recognizing and restricting emerging diseases that could lead to pandemics.

Pandemics throughout history seem to be growing in frequency, particularly due to the increasing emergence of animals with viral diseases.  As such, it may be worthwhile to pursue a career that allows you to work from home when needed. After all, working from home is not a possibility for every job. Here are some jobs and careers that will make it difficult to work from home when you need to. 

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Healthcare And Hospitality Careers

Surely, it is difficult and almost impossible to work from home if you are in this industry. Healthcare workers are expected to face an increase in labor demand. Before COVID-19, according to Burning Glass Innovations, there was already a shortage of over 1 million health-care workers.

Retired doctors in parts of Italy are being asked to return to work. There are 16.5 million healthcare employees in the United States. The BLS expects a rise of nearly 2 million field workers by 2028.


Career site Glassdoor published data Wednesday detailing employment following the COVID-19 outbreak that is in demand. The increase in virus-related employment is associated with the most popular regions where the outbreak is.

When the avian-flu pandemic occurred in 2005, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that, during a major pandemic, spending on healthcare, arts, and housing would immediately decrease by about 80 percent. Currently, it is difficult for them to work at home because the industry that they are working in is incredibly important during this time.

Data Specialists

Glassdoor indicated that there is not only a need for people to support patients infected with coronavirus but also a need for people to look at disease-related data. Data plays an important role during the pandemic. It helps explain the severe level of the pandemic by analyzing the total number of cases in recorded countries.

However, the exact number of cases is difficult to obtain. It's also beneficial for investors to understand economic development. Translators Without Borders is one of the companies seeking to fulfill an urgent data specialist deal. Therefore, this is not the time for data specialists to take sick days.

Scientists And Researchers

Scientists listed in the report are expected to check and review the coronavirus-related laboratory results. They have a crucial role to play in finding out more about the outbreak. They need to perform research and public health surveillance and establish diagnostic tests. To do their work, scientists need access to samples from patients and laboratories.

Not every researcher who asks for a research strain in the midst of a pandemic will definitely get it. But international standards for recording, referencing, tracking, and shipping samples will save valuable time in a pandemic.

Communications Specialists

In addition to performing medical research and assisting coronavirus patients, Glassdoor also saw businesses seeking experts who could share news about the epidemic and educate readers on it. One of the staffing agencies mentioned in the report is hoping to find a communications specialist who can write advice in different languages about the outbreak. 

BPO Workers

As for now, BPO workers still work during their regular working hours. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is contracting to a third party supplier of non-company operations and functions.

Their systems include payroll, human resources, accounting, and partnerships with customers or call centers. The industry is also known as IT-enabled Services. BPO divisions are customer care at the front office (such as tech support) and corporate back-office roles (such as billing). At the moment, it is difficult for them to work at home. This is because most of their clients work abroad and want to continue conducting business.

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As for now, staying at home would be the best option to avoid being in contact with the virus. These jobs and careers are difficult to work from home with. However, it is best to work at home if it is at all possible. Click here to discover remote and home jobs.

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