Work Remotely With Online Nursing Occupations

Acting as a nurse remotely might have only been a wishful dream in the past. But, today, there are many remote nursing workers, thanks to technology and the increasing acceptance of virtual work in many industries.


While several nursing jobs are clinical and require in-person appearance, a growing number of nursing jobs allow you to work from home.

Learn about the various types of work that are available and then browse a list of employers that also offer such work. Discover more about these opportunities below!


Online Nursing Occupations

Medical Call Center

Serving in a medical call center is maybe the very least experienced nursing job at home. In general, nurses who have worked in a clinical setting can transition to this type of job. However, call center work pays the least.

Call center nurses usually perform telephone triage, provide medical advice, or test the well-being and health patterns of the patients. For such services, insurance firms, and medical BPOs (business process outsourcers) employ nurses, who are usually working in set roles, but some may be for independent contractors.


Education is usually done online from home. Most of the time, such positions are for RNs and BSNs, not LPNs.

Case Manager

In case of management, if you work as a nurse, you can turn your current job into a telecommuting role or find a new one for telecommuting. Case managers plan medical care, mostly for major insurance firms, so allowing for at least part-time telecommuting is very popular for such organizations.

Such home-based jobs may include care planner, patient advocate, utilization analysis RN, and Medicare and worker compensation specialist. However, these positions are for those who are already experienced in case management, unlike medical call center agents who operate from home.

Online Instructor

Online education is a growing sector conducive to working remotely. Experts on subjects are required in any field taught online, and nursing is no exception. The skills of tech-savvy nurses can be utilized in distance education, working as an instructor, or developing nursing courses.

Such positions are for online colleges and "brick-and-mortar" schools as well as private businesses that produce educational materials and courses. Typically, the minimum qualification is a master's degree, but a Ph.D. is also favored.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Such nurses provide attorneys, paralegals, and others working in the legal profession with information on legal-related medical problems, such as personal injury, violence, worker's comp, and more.

This training is usually used in-house, rather than speaking as a medical expert. This kind of work could range from maintaining and interpreting medical records to arrange client medical exams. A legal nurse consultant may be an independent contractor or may be hired by an insurance company or a law firm.

In any case, this work lends itself, at least part of the time, to telecommuting. A BSN or a master's degree is usually required as well as some valid coursework or training.

Healthcare Recruiter

Nursing is only one educational background from which recruiters from the health care industry come. Nurses in this sector are also contractors, and, because this form of the job often includes phone and computer usage, it can also be done from home, at least part-time.

Nursing Informatics

In general, IT employment often includes work-at-home opportunities. Still, both the health IT sector, in particular, and general IT typically require time to work in an office setting and a high level of expertise before transitioning into work-at-home. Nurses can move into this work through learning on the job and eventually make a move to full or, more likely, part-time telecommuting.

Where to Apply for Online Nursing Occupations


Verywell is a health website that contracts with writers who are healthcare experts. Compensation is based on views of the page, but it provides a starting base pay. Often they hire nurses and doctors.


Nurses and doctors are among the healthcare professions that work at this insurance company from home. Some workers are clearly intended to telecommute, but other telework incentives can be considered after working on-site for some time. Visit their website to explore these opportunities today!

American International Group

This company allows for some nursing positions, such as case managers and medical reviewers, to telecommute after a specific amount of time working on-site. Try searching the keywords "telecommuting" in the job database or "work from home."


Although most of the home-based employment at this BPO is for customer support, distribution, and B2B telemarketing agents, it also has virtual roles for telehealth call center work for LPNs and RNs. In addition, it also offers insurance auditors employment.


You may also apply to other website platforms for job seekers like, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter to locate the best job offers near you!

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