How to Download WeFi Pro and Stay Connected Anywhere

WeFi, the popular WiFi social-style finder, has launched a free Android Market app that will instantly connect your phone to the fastest, open hotspot, saving you a few clicks.


It is similar to how the Windows version has operated in the past. When WeFi users fly and use the company's software/toolbar/phone apps to connect to WiFi spots, the signal strength and easy access to WeFi is recorded.

The potential for dodgy data collection remains, but the Android app does seem to make it much easier to just grab a signal at the airport and be on your way, as opposed to opening a system menu (or even an app like Useful Switchers), turning on WiFi, choosing a connection, waiting to see if it's free, paid, requires a click-through web page, and so on. 

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Why WeFi?

It also seems like the WeFi app has some background capabilities to auto-start your WiFi and connect to a suitable location when it's within range. 

WeFi aims to offer a better internet experience outside by rendering WiFi user-friendly for smartphonea.


Yossi Vardi, (formerly with ICQ), Arnon Kohavi, and Shimon Scherzer formed WeFi 18 months ago. The company is headquartered in Mountain View with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. In addition, it has funding from Lightspeed Ventures, Pitango, and Gemini worth $7.35million.

The idea is simple: people need WiFi to deliver an authentic internet experience outside of the home. However, it can be challenging to find free WiFi, which is where WeFi tries to step in.

Benefits of WeFi

The WeFi app replaces the link manager for Windows and identifies and connects to free WiFi hotspots. The location of free hotspots is shown on a map, which also shows other WeFi users' positions. 

When users discover and link to WiFi, the maps are updated periodically. It is provided without modifying or altering access points, delivering a complimentary service to other WiFi networking programs.

The mapping function is created initially by the user. They encourage users to mark their location on a map and add spots to the map. WeFi will then determine the user's location based on the known site of one of the hotspots that the WeFi client sees without connecting to it.

The concept of social networking seems like an unwanted diversion, but it will appeal to some in the age of Lifestreaming and Twitter.

From its looks, this program appears to be trying to be a WiFi Foursquare. It lays out hot spots on a map and allows you to automatically review and connect to them. It's not doing the best job of finding your device on GPS, though. 

However, that is partly because there aren't many organizations currently using the software. 

You'll have the good fortune to find one or two nearby WeFi businesses. That doesn't mean, however, that it's a wrong program. It has a beautiful interface and will find hot spots that you can attach to, which are not approved by WeFi. 

How to Download WeFi Pro

  1. Start downloading BlueStacks Player App to your Mac.
  2. Double click on the installer to start the setup process when the installation process is complete.
  3. Go through the first two steps, then click "Next" to start the next step in setting up.
  4. Please click on it to start the final installation process when you see "Install" on the screen, and then click "Finish" immediately after it is complete.
  5. BlueStacks Android emulator can be accessed using your windows start menu or screen shortcut.
  6. Only sign in to connect a Google account, which will take a few minutes.
  7. Eventually, you can go to the Google Play Store page to check for WeFi Pro Beta-Automatic WiFi application using the search bar and then install WeFi Pro Beta-Automatic WiFi for Mac or Mobile.

However, if you have an Android phone and would like to use this app, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and easily download it. 

WeFi PRO leverages anonymous, crowdsourced data to make complex decisions in real-time powered by state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms. WeFi now has a directory of over 150 million WiFi locations worldwide, giving WeFi PRO users the broadest range of fast and free WiFi networks to choose from. 


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WeFi PRO brings even more features to the official app, which has already enabled users to reduce data usage charges, maximize battery life, and connect users to the most secure and robust WiFi networks.

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