Types of Interviewers and How to Deal with Them

Good job seekers always prepare. You need to understand that there are different types of interviewers. So, before your interview, you have a lot of things to prepare.


Study this guide to know how to deal with your interviewer. However, before that, take your suit to the cleaners. Think of your replies during the interview. Arrive in plenty of time for the interview. But, the sort of interviewer you get is the one factor that can throw everything off. The line of questioning and attitude of the interviewer will alter what you say and how you sit down at that table.

Here are the different types of interviewers and how to deal with them. 

Follow this guide on how to deal with your interviewer. Photo credits to: https://news.efinancialcareers.com/au-en/247151/interview-questions-to-which-all-accountants-and-auditors-need-to-be-able-to-respond.

The Interrogator

Question after question, issue after item. The interrogator is not prepared for discussion to come to the interview. They have a list of the fire-off problems you need to solve, and you'd better be willing to answer them.

How to Deal: Once you realize your interviewer will lambaste you with questions, concentrate on answering them and don't obsess over reading their response. With a few of your answers, you can try to initiate conversation, but don't be surprised if those attempts fail.


The Inappropriate One

You will encounter an interviewer every once in a while who doesn't comprehend boundaries. You may hear an inappropriate joke, a private tale to be reserved for a therapist, or a question that goes too deep into your lives.

How to Deal: Stay in your area of convenience. Don't feel compelled to do the same. Answer what you want to reply to, and attempt to get the discussion back to relevant subjects like work demands or skills.

The Strict One

Some interviewees cannot imagine going beyond the traditional company interviewing protocol. He or she strictly follows the rules that are given by the company, and directly, he or she wants you to answer the questions immediately.

How to Deal: Be the best person you can be as an interviewee. Do you understand your greatest weakness? Do you understand how to handshake perfectly? Do you intend to wear under your jacket a conservative shirt? You had better because these procedures in the by-the-book method will earn you high marks. Focus on what he or she asks and answer them directly. However, be true to yourself. If you feel like cracking a little joke to lighten up the mood, do so, but keep it appropriate and relevant.

The Best Friend

Too much of it all. You walk in the room and are a little too passionate about the handshake. There's too much smiling, and there's too much personal conversation. It's all too much. This interviewer treats you like a good best friend, but this style is unnerving, as you want to relax without forgetting that you're still in an interview.

How to Deal: Stay relaxed. You need to show that even though you are professional, you can take things lightly. Take this approach as a cue that, in the interview, you can be a bit less rigid because the best friend doesn't want an uptight worker. Just remember that the interviewer can be more casual than you because, for the work, he or she is not the one to interview.


Try to be yourself and discover the most responsive interviewers for you. You will feel more comfortable when you see someone nodding in agreement or keeping eye contact, and the nerves will begin to disappear. For more interview tips, click here for more information.

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