Earn Money Online With the Best Blog Hosting Sites

If you have great knowledge of something, then you might want to start your own blog. A blog helps you pass on a message, make money, and practice your writing. Additionally, you will end up with a great following and an ability to connect with like-minded people.

You must however have a blogging site that will host your blogs. There are very many blog hosting sites to choose from.

We will start by telling you about the best blog hosting sites available. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each site, in order to make your decision a little easier.

Earn Money Online With the Best Blog Hosting Sites
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This is one of the best self hosting blog sites on the internet right now. It is also the most popular blogging platform and hosts more than 90% of all blogs on the internet.


Most people confuse it with WordPress.com, which would be called its close cousin. WordPress.org is perfect for all blogs and it is for people who are serious about blogging. You can use this site for personal blogs, online businesses, and business blogs.

It is a flexible site, highly extendable, has many mobile-friendly themes, and you are able to have full ownership of the content. On the downside, you must have a web host and domain name to use the site. 


This is an open-sourced blogging site which means that it is mostly free to use. 

You must set it up with a domain name that will cost you around $10 a year, and a Webhosting site that is approximately $4 per month. 


This is one of the best sites for free blogs. It is hosted by Automatic and you can get free blogs with basic features. 

If you wish to have advanced functionality, then you may have to opt for the paid plan. This site however has some great starting points for a blogger. When you want to have more control over your site, this hosting platform makes it easy for you to move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

On the plus side; it is very easy to set up, hosting is included on the platform, the interface is streamlined, and you do not have to worry about site maintenance. 

Unfortunately, the free version has limited capabilities. It has narrowed customizing options and you are likely to lose your site if you ever violate the terms of the platform. 


The paid plan will cost you between $4 and $25 each month, and this is billed annually. 


This is another popular hosting site that is ideal for small businesses. It will put your web presence together through a drag and drop process and it comes with plenty of blogging abilities.

It will give you the ability to customize your site, it doesn’t require any coding skills, it is quick and very easy to set up, and has lots of designing options for you to use. Additionally, it comes with free stock images.

On the downside, the free account has very limited capabilities, storage, and traffic. You cannot change the template you have chosen, and the e-commerce capabilities are limited, even when you are using the paid plans. 


The subscription-based option has many different packages. 

The cheapest package starts at $13 per month for a 2GB bandwidth. Higher plans usually have more storage and bandwidth.

Earn Money Online With the Best Blog Hosting Sites
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With these points, we hope you are able to make a decision on the best blog hosting site for your blog

Above all, understanding how to market your blog is key in making money from it.