Apply for a Shopify Internship to Learn More About E-Commerce

The internships for Shopify are mainly in areas of research and development, particularly software development. Shopify is an online network that enables the selling of goods online. 


To get an internship at Shopify, you do not have to be a software designer. Additionally, the organization provides internships in other fields such as Architecture, Data Science, UX, Marketing Management, and e-Commerce.

Here are the most essential tips you need to know in order to apply and be accepted as an intern in Shopify.

Apply for a Shopify Internship to Learn More About E-Commerce
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What is a Shopify Internship?

Shopify internships immerse students and practitioners in working environments. These internships aren't the kind where you run and get coffee for people who do the real work. As soon as your internship is underway, you will start working in a variety of roles.

Internships are scheduled between four and eight months during the summer, autumn, and winter. For a variety of reasons, Shopify internships are extremely common. All of Shopify's internships are paid so that the skills can be developed and strengthened. 


Staff is instantly partnered with a mentor who will assist them during their internship. Staying at the shop will help you to launch your career in Software Engineering, E-Commerce, Production Technology, or another subject.

Review Available Internships & Apply Online

Browse lists of internships available under the Internships tab on the Shopify Careers website. 

You will be asked to submit your curriculum vitae, cover letter, contact details, links to your website, and educational background. 

You must also address two questions that demonstrate your passion and dedication to the topic of your choice. It is an ideal place to demonstrate your personality and passion for the work.

The more time you spend answering questions, the more likely you will be to differentiate yourself from other people.

Complete Skill Tests and Challenges

You are expected to apply a personal project, such as a Github Connection, in order for recruiters to test your skills for technically-related internships and design internships. 

During the skills test, be sure to focus on technological issues. Keep it simple and make every effort to build a clever solution to the question. 

Recruiters use these tasks to test your problem-solving skills and ensure that your efforts remain focused.

Interview Tips

The Shopify interview process consists of two stages. The first stage is an interview and the second phase involves the skills test. It's usually a casual chat rather than an academic interview. Generally, this interview lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

Where to Apply 

Try some internship websites and job portals to find opportunities that match your skills. Monster and the Shopify Internship Portal are both good places to start.

A Shopify internship helps you to develop your skills and knowledge in Software Development, e-Commerce, Production Engineering, Design, and Website Development. These internship positions earn at least CA$5,000 to CA$6,000 a month. 

For more information, check out Glassdoor's salary gauge here

Apply for a Shopify Internship to Learn More About E-Commerce
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If you are looking for a Shopify internship, this guide is a great way to get started. Working at Shopify also involves attending business conferences to develop your awareness and professional objectives. 

Internal hackathons help make juices flow freely with colleagues, as conferences and summits provide you with the latest trends and business leaders.  Do some research beforehand in order to find an internship that suits your skills, interests, and experience.

Grow a career in e-commerce and marketing with Shopify. Try out these steps now. 

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