Best Hygiene Practices For Job Interviews

Best Hygiene Practices For Job Interviews

Job interviews are naturally nerve-wracking. Job applicants are expected to be ready from head to toe. When being interviewed for a job, it’s also vital that an applicant presents himself/herself in the best light possible. Applicants can do this by having great hygiene. Appearing untidy, disorganized, unprofessional, and unprepared may hamper an applicant from getting … Read more

Starting An Online Business: When To Take The Leap

Starting An Online Business: When To Take The Leap

Are you thinking of starting a new online business? It can be a fantastic adventure to run a company, and it can even give you more financial protection than a regular day job. Being your own boss may sound like heaven on earth, but it’s still a lot of hard work that you have to … Read more

Online Typing Jobs for Filipinos: Where and How to Apply

Online Typing Jobs for Filipinos: Where and How to Apply

Online typing involves writing papers, projects, and surveys, thus offering a wide range of job opportunities. Some platforms offer the best paying jobs online, and you can join free of charge. They are legitimate, providing high standards of online typing. At home typing jobs, there are several forms of employment. Some typing jobs pay more … Read more

Which Countries Can Filipinos Work In? Plus Visa Information

Which Countries Can Filipinos Work In? Plus Visa Information

For Filipinos, it’s easier to find work abroad. With the growing number of on-demand jobs in factory work, sales and accounting, nursing, entertainment, engineering, and tech, getting a job abroad is just about getting the right data, doing your homework carefully, and finding the position that suits you best. The top destinations for Filipinos include … Read more

How to Quit Your Call Center Job and What to Do Next

Why you should quit your call center job ASAP

For two years now, I’ve been sharing call center job hunting tips to my readers. And while I’m happy that most of them landed their jobs, I also wish that someday, they would leave the industry for good. If you’re a call center agent, here’s how to quit your call center job ASAP. It was … Read more

7 Jobs You Can Get with a Call Center Experience

jobs you can get with a call center experience

So you’re sick and tired of your call center job and you want to quit and get a different job—anything that doesn’t involve talking to irate customers. You’re not alone. I’ve been a call center agent for four long years and while I certainly learned a lot and didn’t regret working in the industry, I … Read more

“I am Bored of My Call Center Job, What Should I Do?”

i am bored of my call center job

Dear PisoPinoy, I am bored of my call center job. I know I should be thankful. As my friends would point out to me everyday, I’m lucky to even have a job— one that pays above minimum. But no matter how hard I hammer the point to my head and force myself to feel grateful, … Read more

Is Working in a Call Center a No Brainer Job?

working in a call center a no brainer job

To land a call center job, there’s no college degree to finish, no bar exam to take, and no license to show off. It doesn’t even matter if you dropped out from college or if you only got a high school diploma to show for it. But if you must know whether it’s a no-brainer … Read more

5 Money Lessons Every Call Center Agent Should Know

money lessons every call center agent should know

Back in my elementary days, the teachers used to decorate the classroom walls with handwritten quotes on cardboard saying, Honesty is the best policy.  And wherever this infamous honesty quote popped up, so shall the other: Money is the root of all evil. I didn’t know why, but somehow, it was implied that honesty and money … Read more

Is Call Center a Dead End Job for Filipino Graduates?

Is call center a dead end job for filipino graduates

Two fresh graduates talking about their life after school. Applicant A said, “Landing a job is hopeless. Everywhere I apply, companies always prefer applicants with working experience. How can we gain experience when they won’t even let us in?” “Same here”, said applicant B. “No such luck in finding any job and I’m running out … Read more

Will artificial intelligence replace call centers? Maybe.

will artificial intelligence replace call center agents

You might not admit it but at the back of your mind, is a question begging for an answer: Will artificial intelligence replace call center agents? Instead of dismissing the question as baseless, and saying, “Impossible! No robots could possibly understand empathy as much as we humans do!”, I want you to keep an open mind throughout this article. Also, pay attention to a video showing an AI talking to humans over the phone.