How to Survive Your First Call Center Training (For Complete Beginners)

call center training

You’ve gone through a lot— that weird feeling in your stomach when the interviewer called your name, the pounding in your chest, the unexpected questions. Congratulations, you made it! Now, off to the next level- the call center training. And before you get all relaxed and cozy, make no mistake of thinking that you’re safe. This … Read more

How to Improve Your English Accent and Land a Call Center Job

how to improve your english accent and pronunciation

Cold hard fact: The accent and pronunciation we learned in school were wrong. At least for most of the schools in the Philippines. Sure you might know lots of uncommon and big English words that makes a regular native English speaker wanna run to a dictionary but the questions is: Is your accent clear for native English speakers … Read more

Mock Call Tips and Scenario: Complete Guide to Pass & Get Hired

mock call tips

So you passed the initial interview and you’re invited for a mock call? Super! Today, you’ll learn the mock call tips and tricks to pass your job application. This is going to be sooo detailed that it’s specifically written for complete beginners. After the tips, you’ll read a customer-agent scenario where I’ll explain the tips … Read more