Customer Service Questions for Call Center Applicants

customer service questions for call center applicants

Customer service job interview questions for call center applicants are designed to test out call their problem-solving and customer handling skills. The questions are related to customer service, asking about your previous work experiences and your opinion about a certain customer scenario. If you want to know the type questions that your interviewer might ask … Read more

Call Center Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

call center behavioral interview questions and answers

Call center behavioral interview questions are what interviewers ask to get a feel of their applicants’ working behavior. Usually, the questions are focused on the past, asking about applicants’ good and bad work experiences. But sometimes, the questions could be hypothetical. If you wanna know the best way to answer them, this post will do … Read more

Best Call Center Tips for Applicants: A Complete Guide

best call center tips for applicants

So you wanna work in a call center. Or, to put it more accurately, you wanna receive a call center agent’s salary. This is the perfect post for you as I’ve created a compilation of the best call center tips for applicants starting from your job hunting up to your final interview. And if you … Read more

How to Pass Your Call Center Final Job Interview & Get Hired

how to pass call center final job interview

So you passed your initial interview. While it’s a good reason to reason to celebrate, it certainly isn’t a reason to congratulate you just yet. Your final interview is still looming ahead. And not without its traps and surprises. So if you want to sign that job offer, pay attention to the quality of your … Read more

How to Be a Call Center Agent in the Philippines: Complete Guide

how to be a call center agent in the Philippines

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a college drop out, or a high school graduate, you can definitely apply and land a job in the Philippine call center industry. I’ve written a whole guide for you. Here’s how: In summary: To become a call center agent in the Philippines, you need to be able to speak … Read more

How to Deescalate a Supervisor Call: The Best Technique Ever

how to deescalate a supervisor call

“All supervisors are engaged in a call/ in a meeting.” This is every call center agent’s go-to excuse when deescalating a supervisor call. But if you’ve worked in the call center long enough, you know this script doesn’t work anymore.

32 Mistakes Call Center Applicants Should Avoid to Land the Job

mistakes call center applicants should avoid to get the job

It’s unfortunate how many applicants go to interviews without having any idea what they’re getting into. Not knowing alone is one thing, but not knowing simply because you choose not to prepare is another. Here are the top 34 mistakes call center applicants should avoid to get the job. On Interview Questions 1. Giving vague … Read more

How to Pass a Call Center Phone Interview: A Complete Guide

how to pass a call center phone interview

If you think that a phone interview is easier than a face to face call center interview, think again. You may not have to look the interviewer in the eyes, but trying to use only your ears and mouth without your eyes is just as challenging (if not harder) as facing your interviewer. So if … Read more

So You Wanna Work in a Call Center but Your English is Bad?


Lots of applicants ask, “How do I know if my English is enough for me to land a call center job?” “Are there call center companies who hire applicants with a not-so-fluent English and enlist them as trainees until their English improve?” Here’s what you should know if you want to work in a call center but your English is bad.

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

call center interview questions and answers

You don’t have to fail your call center interview every single time. Whether you’re a first time call center applicant or a returning one who failed before, I especially wrote this post for you: call center interview questions and answers for first timers, with examples. Tell me something about yourself. Most applicants answer by giving out their … Read more

How to Handle Irate Customers: Angry Customer Sample Scenario

how to handle irate customers

This blog post will give tips and examples on how to handle irate customers for call center applicants, especially for beginners. If you’re wondering how a conversation goes with an irate customer, and how to handle it, read on. How to handle irate customers over the phone I’ll first explain step-by-step the process on dealing … Read more

How to be Confident During Call Center Job Interviews

how to be confident during call center job interviews

That feeling when you walk in to the interviewer’s office, she asks you to take a seat, how are you, and tell her something about yourself. Your heart beats rapidly, your voice trembles, your hands shake, and your answers start to sound gibberish. Eventually, instead of talking to your interviewer, you begin to have these … Read more