How to Answer: Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?

where do you see yourself five years from now call center interview

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” If I were to answer this truthfully, I’d say, Five years from now, I’ll live in a tiny house at the top of a mountain overlooking a meadow, cooling off the summer with a freshly squeezed pineapple juice from my own garden, a steaming native chicken … Read more

How to be Confident During Call Center Job Interviews

how to be confident during call center job interviews

That feeling when you walk in to the interviewer’s office, she asks you to take a seat, how are you, and tell her something about yourself. Your heart beats rapidly, your voice trembles, your hands shake, and your answers start to sound gibberish. Eventually, instead of talking to your interviewer, you begin to have these … Read more

Sell Me This Pen: Call Center Interview Question and Answer

sell me this pen

Whether you’re applying for a sales or non-sales call center, rest assured your interviewer will still ask you this, “Sell me this pen.” As always, the applicants who get the handshake and sign the job offer are the most prepared ones. In this topic, we’ll get into details on how you can ace this interview … Read more

How to Survive Your First Call Center Training (For Complete Beginners)

call center training

You’ve gone through a lot— that weird feeling in your stomach when the interviewer called your name, the pounding in your chest, the unexpected questions. Congratulations, you made it! Now, off to the next level- the call center training. And before you get all relaxed and cozy, make no mistake of thinking that you’re safe. This … Read more

Berlitz Tips and Tricks: A Complete Guide on How to Pass and Get Hired

berlitz tips and tricks

So you’re invited for Berlitz, but have zero idea of what it is? Perfect place for you, because in this post, you’ll learn what goes on during Berlitz, and how you can pass it, even if you have no center experience. I’ll also give two Berlitz sample conversation, both of which I experienced with my … Read more

How to Improve Your English Accent and Land a Call Center Job

how to improve your english accent and pronunciation

Cold hard fact: The accent and pronunciation we learned in school were wrong. At least for most of the schools in the Philippines. Sure you might know lots of uncommon and big English words that makes a regular native English speaker wanna run to a dictionary but the questions is: Is your accent clear for native English speakers … Read more

Mock Call Tips and Scenario: Complete Guide to Pass & Get Hired

mock call tips

So you passed the initial interview and you’re invited for a mock call? Super! Today, you’ll learn the mock call tips and tricks to pass your job application. This is going to be sooo detailed that it’s specifically written for complete beginners. After the tips, you’ll read a customer-agent scenario where I’ll explain the tips … Read more

How to Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? (Call Center Interview)

why did you leave your last job call center interview question

“Why did you leave your last job?” I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that this will be asked during your call center interview. So you surely don’t want to ignore this. The general rule to remember is this: don’t lie. The interviewer will know it. Also, most applicants aren’t good liars but most interviewers are also good detectives … Read more

Versant Tips and Tricks: Everything You Need to Know to Crack It

Versant tips

So you have no call center experience and it’s your first time taking Versant? Not a problem. Versant is actually easier than you think— if you know the loopholes around it. Here’s a complete guide with a sample audio. What is Versant? It’s a computer program designed to measure non-native English speakers’ fluency. Yes, that’s right. … Read more

Call Center Interview: What is Your Greatest Weakness?

what is your greatest weakness

“What is your greatest weakness?” Revealing your greatest weakness negatively affects your chances of getting hired. Telling the interviewer that you have none is unbelievable.  So what to do? Here’s how most applicants answer this: Clothing a strength as a weakness. Example: My greatest weakness is that I’m a workaholic. Instead of celebrating holidays, you could … Read more

How to Answer: Why Do You Want to Work in a Call Center?

why do you want to work in a call center

“Why do you want to work in a call center?” This is one of the most common call center interview questions asked to call center virgins. And as always, nothing beats a good old preparation. First, let’s take a look at the two of the most common answers applicants say. Why Do You Want to Work … Read more

Call Center Tips: How to Express Your Thoughts in English Painlessly

how to express your thoughts in English

You know those moments when you try hard to express something in English but you just can’t organize your thoughts in a way that’s understandable and clear? You keep jumping back and forth from one thought to another, your ideas are all over the place and they just don’t flow. The next thing you know, you’re talking about a completely … Read more

What is Your Idea of a Call Center, Contact Center & BPO?

what is your idea of a call center

Being inexperienced in the call center industry is not an excuse. If you say you have no idea what is a contact center, call center and BPO, then you’re giving the interviewer a good reason not to like you, right from the start of the interview. And by all means, avoid that, if you really want … Read more