How to Pass Call Center Metrics and Earn Your Bonus

how to pass call center metrics

Let’s be honest, working in a call center won’t make you millions, but with the night shifts and irate customers you have to endure on a regular basis, why not make the most of it by earning the most of it? I’m not just talking about your attendance bonus and 13th month pay, but about … Read more

What is Your Edge Among Other Applicants? Best Answers & Examples

what is your edge among other applicants

What is your edge among other applicants? What makes you different from the others? Why should I hire you over the other candidates? A nerve-wracking interview question with many variations, which, if you mess up, could potentially land you to the recruiter’s forgotten list. Being the prepared applicant that you are, you don’t want that … Read more

32 Mistakes Call Center Applicants Should Avoid to Land the Job

mistakes call center applicants should avoid to get the job

It’s unfortunate how many applicants go to interviews without having any idea what they’re getting into. Not knowing alone is one thing, but not knowing simply because you choose not to prepare is another. Here are the top 34 mistakes call center applicants should avoid to get the job. On Interview Questions 1. Giving vague … Read more

Is Call Center a Dead End Job for Filipino Graduates?

Is call center a dead end job for filipino graduates

Two fresh graduates talking about their life after school. Applicant A said, “Landing a job is hopeless. Everywhere I apply, companies always prefer applicants with working experience. How can we gain experience when they won’t even let us in?” “Same here”, said applicant B. “No such luck in finding any job and I’m running out … Read more

How to Pass a Call Center Phone Interview: A Complete Guide

how to pass a call center phone interview

If you think that a phone interview is easier than a face to face call center interview, think again. You may not have to look the interviewer in the eyes, but trying to use only your ears and mouth without your eyes is just as challenging (if not harder) as facing your interviewer. So if … Read more

So You Wanna Work in a Call Center but Your English is Bad?


Lots of applicants ask, “How do I know if my English is enough for me to land a call center job?” “Are there call center companies who hire applicants with a not-so-fluent English and enlist them as trainees until their English improve?” Here’s what you should know if you want to work in a call center but your English is bad.

The Story of a Call Center Applicant Who Landed His Job Offer

The Story of a Call Center Applicant Who Landed His Job Offer

His name is Kevin and here’s the story of a call center applicant who landed his job offer. Four days before Christmas, he sent me this: Hi Ma’am Sheina I’d liked to thank you for the tips you gave me when I failed on my first interview. It took me one week to apply again, … Read more

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

call center interview questions and answers

You don’t have to fail your call center interview every single time. Whether you’re a first time call center applicant or a returning one who failed before, I especially wrote this post for you: call center interview questions and answers for first timers, with examples. Tell me something about yourself. Most applicants answer by giving out their … Read more

Call Center Interview Question: How Do You Handle Stress?

how do you handle stress

You apply in a call center for the money. But along with the money is the stress. If you can’t handle stress, you won’t have the money. If you wanna know what to answer when your interviewer asks, “How do you handle stress?”, this is for you. How do you handle stress? Why do interviewers … Read more

How to Answer: Why do You Want to Work for Our Company?

why do you want to work for our company

They say the best way to answer, “Why do you want to work for our company?”, is to sing the company’s praises in front of the interviewer. But that’s NOT entirely true. Interviewers have years of experience telling the lie, from the truth, from the flattery. They know you’re after the job, they know you’re … Read more

Why Should We Hire You? (Call Center Interview with Examples)

why should we hire you call center interview

When the interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you?” And you reply, “Because I’m punctual, diligent, thorough, responsible, hardworking, detailed, professional and results-oriented.” Does it answer the question? Yes. But is it enough? No. What is wrong with this answer? Nothing… …except that it doesn’t sound convincing at all. When interviewers hear it, here’s what … Read more

Tell Me Something About Yourself (with Complete Examples)

tell me something about yourself

Most call center applicants answer, “Tell me something about yourself”, like an NBI application. They give out their addresses, birthdates and birthplaces. Although this answers the question, this isn’t what the interviewers want to hear. To crack this question open, put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Tell Me Something About Yourself If you’re the interviewer, whose … Read more